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Friday, June 15, 2012

All Night Grad Party!!!

So this is it!!! This is the party that our committee has been planning for 9 months! The day has finally come. We have worked so hard fundraising and planning out all of the details for this. We earned over $7,000.00!!! The secret location was a near by bowling alley with 24 lanes and we planned lots of other things for them to do as well.
The kids had unlimited sodas and snacks.
Eric and I got there at 10:00 and stayed until midnight, but the party went on until 5:00 am!
Eric visiting with a bunch of the guys.
Michelle and her daughter. Their family owns the bowling alley. Michelle's son graduated this year too and she was also on the Grad Committee.
Hayden with a bunch of girls!
They tried to pick him up, but failed. It was funny. No one was hurt in the taking of this photo! haha
The kids were excited to be there, but they told me they were very hungry. We let them get small snacks, but wanted them to wait and save their appetites for the pizza we ordered.
Finally, the pizza was delivered!
These kids were starving!
They did not eat dinner and had so many activities and excitement that day....they were all ready to eat!
Allen's happy now!
Cute girls!
Hayden and Destiny. It looks like Hayden won a prize!
Hayden, Matt and Sam.
Eric and me. The committee used the same decorations that we used at the breakfast to jazz up the bowling alley. I thought this was a very clever idea! We also brought all the balloons from the breakfast too.
Everyone seemed so happy! Once they got food in them, they seemed to all get a second wind!
Done eating! Now lets go play!!!
We hired a company to bring in fun casino games, karaoke and a photo booth. We also got a DJ.
The kids got funny money and when they won they got tickets to pick out prizes.
They all seemed to enjoy all the games.
Ryan looks like he's a big winner!
Fun times with the guys!
Taylor looks pretty serious!
Hayden and the guys playing pool!
I wonder if he'll get this shot!
Hannah and her mom, Angie. Angie was on the committee too. We made a wheel of fortune that the kids got to spin to win prizes. We also had them vote on the "Most Likely" list. Hayden got "Most likely to break a record."
The kids had lots of fun bowling.
Hannah being silly.
Hannah's happy she got a spare!
Fun times!
Good buddies, Serge and Chevy.
The photo booth was such a huge hit!
The company provides all kinds of wigs and other accessories for the kids to put on. Here's Hayden and some friends putting on stuff to take a picture.
Hayden's putting on the mullet wig. Haha! Business in the front, party in the back! haha!
 He wanted to look like Joe Dirt.
Mission accomplished Hayden! haha!
 My son looks totally whacked out!
 The kids were so creative with their poses.
 I love it!
He looks so funny!
 They had a TV outside the booth that showed the photos.
They were all having a blast!
 So many of the pictures turned out awesome.
Different groups of kids got in and took pictures.
Their creativity was amazing!
They were so hilarious! I love all of their facial expressions!
Here's Hayden, Carlos and Chevy.
What are they doing?
So funny!
It printed off pictures just like the old-time photo booths do.
They even printed "Senior All Night Party" and Bulldogs 2012 on them. Every time it printed off three strips, so the kids all got to take them home and have great memories, and if the kids wanted extra photos they were happy to print more for them.
Time for a snack! We served root-beer floats after dinner.
Smiles everywhere!
Part of the Grad Committee. Nicole, me, Fawn, Angie, Kristy, Nevin, Sharon, Marcia and Eric. Eric and I left at this point, so I got the remainder of the photos from friends.
Later on in the evening they all started dancing.
You can see Hayden there on the right with his hat twisted. It sure looks like he's having fun!
Another celebratory handstand!
Hayden, Mat and Nik picking out a song for karaoke.
Here they are singing "We are the Champions." Oh how I wish I was there to have seen and heard this! I bet it was so much fun!
At 5:15 in the morning Hayden came to our bedroom and said he was home. He said he had a really fun time. Later when I woke up that morning I looked on Facebook and saw this picture. I started to cry. It was one last group hug of the graduates from the Bulldog's class of 2012. I was so moved.
Later on I heard that this was just the kids who were together from kindergarten through 12th grade, this really touched me. They are so close and have been friends for so long, they are more like cousins.
Our mission was accomplished! We wanted to give them a fun and memorable graduation party and we did it! They all had a blast and made even more memories. They left feeling very happy and close with each other. Well done Grad Committee!

Congratulations to the Bulldog Class of 2012 Grads!!!

"And we pray that you may live a life
worthy of the Lord and may please Him 
in every way; bearing fruit in every good work,
and growing in the knowledge of God." Colossians 1:10

Hugs, Sharon

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Mardell said...

Oh Sharon! That party was AMAZING! Wow. Great job ~ I can see why it took 9 months in the making. What a wonderful lasting memory for those kids. I love it. Congratulations to them all. The photo booth pics are hysterical!

Have a great weekend. Happy Father's Day to Eric, your Dad, & Eric's Dad. :o)

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