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Monday, May 21, 2012

State Track Meet Finals!

Saturday we went to Hayden's State Track Meet Finals. Wow! What a huge event this is. When we walked it, it reminded me of a giant circus with tents and flags everywhere.
There was such a huge crowd there, we almost didn't find seats. Instead of Where's Waldo, let's play Where's Eric. Can you find my husband?
I found him! Haha! If you didn't find him in the previous picture, he is at the top left hand corner. These were actually very good seats, we could see everything from there.
There was a sea of proud parents, families and friends there to root for their kids!
It was really fun because I met my sister, Kathi and her son Garrett, there because her girls school was participating in the same meet!
This is our last high school sporting even we will be attending for our kids! It's been a great fun thing for us that started back in 1990 when Mackenzie played soccer in kindergarten! We have so many great memories! Today is definitely bittersweet!
Here's another celebrity sighting. My husband is sure that this is the UofO head track coach, Vin Lananna. He was sitting two seats away from us. If it is him, we don't think he was there to recruit because it seemed like he was there rooting for family, although, he is holding a clipboard. Hmmm!
Here's a future track star in the making!
Hayden's friend, Corbin, took 3rd in our district's 1500.
Garrett's cheering for their school's 1500 runner, Joseph.
He took first place! Woot woo!
This is what we've been waiting 5 hours for. Hayden's walking out on to the field to start the 4x400 race!
Here they are checking in.
Aaron started them out with a pretty good leg.
Now it's Allen's turn. See him down there in the red?
Wow! He moved us to third place! But then at about the 3/4 mark of the track he started running slower.
Here's Hayden waiting to get the baton from Allen.
Sadly, something weird happened to Allen. He kind of stumbled into the passing zone and right after he handed it to Hayden....
...He collapsed! We we thought he pulled a hamstring, but later we learned that he blacked out somewhere at the 3/4 quarter mark and he said the next thing he remember was hearing people say, "We need to get him off the track."
Hayden took off and did not know anything was wrong.
Hayden ran a great leg he started out in 5th place and caught and passed the 4th place guy.
We were now in fourth place.
But the guy behind him had a little more juice than Hayden.
He caught back up to Hayden and passed him.
Hayden just handed it to Corbin.
Corbin could not make up the difference. We took 5th place and the boys did not meet their goal of beating the school record.
The guys after their race. Allen is still not feeling good, but he's getting better. I'm so amazed that Allen did what he did. He was on auto pilot and just kept running and handed Hayden the baton. He seemed okay after he rested, but I think his parents are still going to have him checked out.
The fifth fastest 4x4 team in the State is not bad!!! Good job guys!
I'm a very proud mama!
And Eric's a proud papa!
The boys all had a great track season and they should be proud that they made it to the State finals. They were all in good moods afterwards, which makes me happy. I'm very proud of all of them!

"We can rejoice, too, when we run into problems and trials, for we know that they help us develop endurance." Romans 5:3

"Let us run with endurance the race God has set before us." Hebrews 12:1

Hugs, Sharon

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