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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Playing Halo with Hayden....

My son is a huge Xbox fan and he really loves the game "Halo".  I am not video game player. They are just not my thing. Way back in the day, I got a little addicted to the original "Mario Brothers", but once I conquered it, I never played it again. Over the years I have tried to play with my boys, just to hang out and be with them, but I never understood it or was any good at it. Well, Eric was out of town and it was just going to be Hayden and I at home, so I told him that I'd like it if he could teach me how to play Halo. He said he could try to teach me with a simple beginner game, so it was a date!
I bought us both some Subway and we took it up to his room to play.
He put on a simple game for me to play. I was taking it quit serious!
Unfortunately, I failed miserably!
I don't get it! I can't get my guy to move, let alone make him shoot his gun.
Meanwhile, Hayden is totally kicking my hiney!
I'm taking a break and taking a bite!
I gave it the good old college try, but to no avail!
I think I'll leave the video game playing to Hayden. 

So I learned that video games are not my thing, but I tell ya, time spent with my son is priceless!

“My son, listen to your father when he corrects you. And don’t ignore what your mother teaches you.” Proverbs 1:8

Hugs, Sharon

1 comment:

Mardell said...

My 8 yr. old is an Xbox 360 fanatic! It's crazy how that kid can handle & maneuver the controls. Way too fast for this ol' mama. Gotta give you lots of kudos for trying, Sharon! :o)

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