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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

New China Hutch!

Way back in February, I did kind of a little teaser post about my latest purchase/project and I'm finally getting around to finishing that story! Here's a link to the original post. I actually got the project done by the end of February, but I had so many other things going on at the time that I wanted to blog about and I kept setting this blog story aside.

Anyway, I was thrifting one day in February and I found this wonderful china hutch! I've been looking for a big hutch that's dark stained wood for our office to put all my spare china in. I was so excited when I found this one and guess how much it was? It was only $69.99! I was thrilled! I love the country french details on it, especially the gold chicken wire in the side panels. It's perfect!!! I had them put a hold sticker on it and said I'd be back the next day with my husband's truck.
In the meantime, I had to clean out an area in the office to put the new hutch.
I want it on this wall, so I had to move the old ugly metal filing cabinet.
I also had to remove a heavy shelf that i had hung there a few years prior and, uh-oh, I revealed some big ugly nail holes that I made when I was trying to find the stud in the wall to hang it. My hubby was not too happy when he saw these, but we can just fix them with Spackle.
So the next day I went to the thrift store and picked up the hutch. These nice men from the Goodwill helped me get it in the truck. I was so pleased when we found out it was actually two pieces!
Now I just need to do a quick clean up on it and bring it into the house.
Well, that is an understatement! First of all I had to remove the big taped x on the glass on the front of the hutch. I guess they put it there so people would know that there was glass there.
This was not easy to remove! It must have been on there for years and it was kind of cooked on like it was in a hot room. I had to spray it with Pine Sol water and let that soak.
Then I used a razor blade to peel it off. I sprayed all the wood surfaces of the hutch and sadly discovered that it smelled like cigarettes. I was sooo bummed! I thought maybe if I left it in the garage for a few days it would air out.
I thought it smelled better so I had Eric and Hayden bring it in the house.
I was wrong. P....U....! It reeked of old dirty cigarette smell. I was really, really bummed!
I sprayed it all again with Windex and cleaned it up really good.
Yuck! Look at that cigarette smoke stain that's coming off!
I sprayed it all again.....
...and I kept scrubbing and every time I kept getting more dirt off, but it still reeked.
So I decided that I have nothing to lose and I pulled out my entire cleaning arsenal.
This Clorox Clean Up worked the best.
I think it was so strong that it broke through the "seal" from the years of dirt, grease and cigarettes.
The bad thing is it took off some of the finish.
I bought some Pledge furniture polish and some other polishes and kept spraying and applying them and it started coming back to life. I think this helped with the smell as well. A few days later I went in the office and I smelled the yucky smell again, although it was more faint. Out of desperation, I took fabric softener and poured it in small amounts all across the top of the hutch. This did wonders! It soaked in and it actually smelled really good in there. I also poured some fabric softener onto plates and tucked them underneath the hutch and that helped too. This is as good as it gets. I'm still really happy with it even if it gave me trouble! Come back tomorrow to see it filled up! 

"Create in me a clean heart, O God, and renew a right spirit within me." Psalm 51:10

Hugs, Sharon


Anonymous said...

very good find Sharon. I would have painted that baby out a nice antique white. Cant wait to see it filled with all your goodies. Donna

Mardell said...

Nice, Sharon ~ you really had to earn that great bargain! Muscle work. Smoke smell is the pits! Yuck. Those rags were disgusting. Maybe it came out of my MIL's house? I can't step foot in her place, it's THAT bad.

I can't wait see your hutch filled w/all of your pretties. It'll be beautiful. It fits very well with your house and decor. :o) Great job. Have you ever tried Goo Gone? Works great on those pesky stickers. I also use cooking spray (PAM) and a scrubby w/warm water. There's something about the oil and greasiness that works well on removing the tough stickers.

as always starzie said...

Wow Sharon! What a great find! I can't believe what you paid for the china cabinet! It's beautiful! You know I really never thought much about it when at the end of the description on EBay items they add "comes from a smoke free home". I guess there really is something to that! But I'm sure in time you won't smell the odor. It's a wonderful find. Have fun filling it with all of your goodies!

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