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Thursday, May 24, 2012

My new china hutch all filled up!

So after scrubbing and scrubbing, I finally got the new/used hutch cleaned up and was able to do the rewarding part of filling it up with my china!
It was really fun arranging everything.
I have been collecting brown, red and blue transferware dishes for the past couple of years and really wanted to get them out on display.
This hutch is perfect! It holds everything nicely and looks good all at the same time!
I also took advantage of having storage space above the hutch to store my extra serving trays.
I have my brown transferware on the top shelf, the red in the middle and the blue on the bottom.
My brown collection started when I found a set of six gorgeous Johnson Bros. dishes at a thrift store. I have just kicked myself because there was a set of 12 with the salad plates, soup bowls and tea cups & saucers and I only bought six dinner plates because I didn't think I had room for them. They were only .99 each too. By the time I got home I realized I wanted all of them and when I went back to the store they were all gone.
So ever since then I have been buying different patterns that I like that blend with them.
These dishes are so beautiful for a fall tablescape and are especially pretty for Thanksgiving.
It's amazing at how many patterns and colors of transferware you can find out there!
The next shelf I have all of my red transferware.
Oh, how I love red!!!
The story is the same here as well. I have many different patterns and just mix them together. I believe I have six dinner plates of one pattern, four of another and just odds and ends for the rest.
I love ruby red glassware and collect it as well. It looks so great with the red transferware dishes.
I have purchased these items pretty much one piece at a time.
I don't like to pay more than $1.99 a piece.
I also have these cute red and white checkered set of dishes depicting a country rooster that I found at a garage sale. I paid $20.00 for all of them. That's probably the most I have spent on my dishes. I got 16 pieces plus four place mats, so that still comes in under my goal of no more than $1.99 a piece!
Now, on to the blue!!!
One of my favorites....Blue willow!!!
Isn't this cow creamer cute!
My passion for these started when I found this complete set for 12 in a box at a thrift store for $20.00.  I always said with my decorating that, "I don't do blue in my house" because I really don't care for blue....
...but then I realized how much I always noticed and admired the Blue Willow dishes in the back ground of photos in magazines, decorating books and on the internet, in movies and TV shows, and even in children's books. I realized that they mix well with most of the other colors that I have in my home too. I really do love the classic, cozy country look of Blue Willow dishes.
I thought, wow, for that price, I should just get them and use them occasionally.
Of course my collection grew from there and now I have many different patterns and styles.
Well, that's not all! Let's look in this cabinet below the hutch.
 This is my smaller collection of green transferware dishes and green glassware. These are perfect for St. Patrick's Day! Check out the fabulous green transferware jar! I love it! I think I will use it for a vase when I set a green table.
And on this side I have my pretty purple pansy chintz dishes.
I am so thrilled with my new hutch and so excited that I now get to have all my pretty dishes out on display. This also makes it so much easier to use them because I can see them and get to them easily. 

You might think I'm crazy for having so many dishes, but I have been having a lot of fun experimenting with different tablescapes and it's really nice to have the variety. I don't spend a lot on these dishes and now that I have proper storage, I don't see that it's a problem at all! This is a fun new hobby for me and an area that I am looking forward to with the empty nest years that my husband and I have ahead. I am starting to do theme dinners and setting up a "table for two" for the two of us and it's been really, really fun! I can't wait to do more of this in the coming year. 

Come back tomorrow to see more of the cleaned up office and also another secret storage place I have for even more dishes!

"Yet I will rejoice in the Lord, I will joy in the God of my salvation." Habakkuk 3:18

Hugs, Sharon


Anonymous said...

I don't think you have enough yet lol . I love your transferware , remind myself not to let you loose in my cupboards either . I have pink castles , brown and a very nice old set of blue . I cant help myself either. I love how your cupboard is set up it looks great and it makes a dinner so interesting when you serve it on different dishes. I am building my repetoire of comfort dishes too, the kids seem to like coming home for those kinds of dinners too. I have an empty nest and have for quite a while now , it's just me and the dogs now so we love to have company over too. I use my good stuff every day and set a table nicely for me . I love your dinners for two also . Donna from the rainy West Coast

as always starzie said...

Your china cabinet turned out beautiful! I think it's a great hobbie collecting dishes. Look what joy you get out of setting a lovely table for hardly any money out of your pocket! And family and friends share in the joy also when they come for a meal! And you have the pleasure of looking at the dishes daily as you walk by your china cabinet. It's a win win situation!
Take care,

Mardell said...

Oh Sharon! It's so beautiful. It has a magestic level of seniority now! It showcases your gorgeous dinnerware perfectly. The light really adds a beautiful touch. What a great find. :o)

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