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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

I'm getting cold feet...

Eric and I are die hard parents. We go to almost all the events that our kids do, rain or shine!
Well, this year we really lucked out with the weather during football season, but we're paying for it now during track season. Last Thursday we went to his track meet and it was raining cats and dogs! Here's poor Hayden running his race in the rain and getting drenched.
It was a miserable track meet.
I thought I dressed appropriately with sweater, jeans, coat, umbrella and boots, but I did not take into account that my boots are not waterproof! We walked all over the wet grass around the track and mud puddles, etc. My feet were completely soaked and freezing cold!
My toes were so cold! When we got back to the car I immediately took off my boots and socks, which were completley wet. I had a blanket in the car and put my feet as close to the car heater as I could get them.
My toes were still so cold and then I got this brilliant idea to put my gloves on my feet! Haha! It sure looks funny, but it worked! My feet finally warmed up. Sometimes the things I do crack me up.

It's just one of the many sacrifices that us moms will do for our kids! :0)

"He will be like rain falling on a field, like showers watering the earth." Psalm 72:6

Hugs, Sharon

1 comment:

Jan said...

You are so funny! I love reading about doing things with your sons, it's like a trip down memory lane.

You've set the pattern, you have the power of prayer and although your life is changing, family is forever.

God bless you guys!

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