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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Hayden's track season so far....

 Hayden has been having a phenomenal track season!!!
 So far, he has won all of his races except one! These first photos are all taken at a meet at the coast.
 And at every track meet, so far, he's had a PR (personal record)!
 Meaning...that he beat his own time record in one of the events. I'm so proud of him!
 We have had terrible weather too! It's been raining, hailing or been just plain cold at almost every meet so far.
 I took some photos of some of his buddies throwing the shot put. I love this one of Nick in the rain.
 Colton throwing his hardest.
 Eric and I have been to every meet except I missed one that Eric went to and Eric missed one that I went too. We love to watch our boys perform no matter what they are doing. I love this picture of Hayden and his buddies getting ready to run the 4x400 race. Hayden is just being goofy and climbing up to the stands.
 Now he's got the baton and he's running like crazy!
 Go Hayden!
 They took 2nd place. Here's Hayden and one of his best friends since kindergarten. I like this picture because Eric's peeking in the background!
 For several weeks Hayden has enjoyed the #1 slot in the 100 and 200 for districts but also the 200 for State!!! We are so proud of him!
 Here he is running strong in the 200!
 Now it's time for a home track meet, which is always fun, there are always lots of Bulldog fans there! Here he is taking 1st in the 100.
 He's so cute!
 He's also very happy!
 Aaron's getting ready to run the 400.
 He took 1st and Hayden's congratulating him.
 Best buddies!
 Here comes Hayden in the 200!
 You should hear me cheer him on! I'm probably the loudest one there! Go, Hayden Go!!!1
 He took first place and he PRd at 11.21!
 Hayden with Aaron and Josh.
 Proud Mama!
 Proud Dad and brother, Grayson!
 Now for the 4x400! Alan just passed the baton to Hayden.
 There he goes! Wow, look at him!
 They took first place! Good job guys! They are now first place in districts!
 This next meet is at the home of the Eagles. My sister, Kelli, and her son, Joseph came to watch Hayden run.
 Here he comes around the corner on the 200! He looks so powerful and strong!
 Woot woo Hayden!
 He took 1st place and he PRd at 23.13!!! The guys are always so nice and respectful after they run.
 Proud Aunt Kelli and Cousin Joe with Hayden. It was so nice of them to come watch him run!
 Checking out the times.
Everyone in track seems to be so nice. I really love this sport!
Pack'n it up and heading home. The next event: Meet of Champions. 

"But those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint." Isaiah 40:31

Hugs, Sharon

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Mardell said...

Hayden is quite the athlete! Amazing photos. Amazing young man!

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