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Thursday, May 3, 2012

A fun day with my boys...

Cameron came over on my day off because he wanted me to help him write his resume. He's at the end of his college education and he's going to be applying for internships for computer game design companies.
Hayden didn't have school on this day and he had just gotten home from track practice and he was getting some breakfast.
I know I'm a weird mom because I take pictures of stuff like this, but they are fun times for me and I want to remember them. I was enjoying listening to the conversation the boys were having. It's neat to see them talk as mature adults and have a mutual respect for each other.
Cameron and I got busy and got to work on his resume.
I'm so proud of him! He got his Bachelors degree and now he's gone back to college to get an Associates degree in computer design. It took him awhile to figure out his career choice, but once he started studying gaming design, he has found his nitch! I have never seen him so excited. He absolutely loves it! He is also very good at it. His teacher gave him an A+ on his project and she said she has never given out an A+! She also asked him if she could save his project and use it as an example to future classes. Wow! I'm so proud of him!
I love helping the boys with stuff like this. It's really a great time to spend with your kids as well as help them. We got it all done and sent off! Now we pray he gets the internship!!!
Later on that day we heard a big rumbling sound and looked out to see this beautiful white truck!
It was Grayson driving over to show us his new truck!
Wow! Isn't it beautiful! It's a Dodge!
It's passed the Blondie test! She can jump in the back just fine!
Hayden came out to check it out too!
Grayson wanted to give Hayden a ride in it around the neighborhood.
Blondie gets to try it out too!
There they go!
It has those cool new lights that have the blue tint to them.
We're proud of Grayson for working hard and saving for this new truck. 

I got to see all my kids except for Mackenzie and Brittany today. I love days like this when I get to see my kids, it reminds me of the busy hub-bub that was always going on when they were all little. I really savor these times!

"If you confess with your mouth that Jesus is Lord and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved." Romans 10:9

Hugs, Sharon

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