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Monday, May 14, 2012

District Track Meet!!!

 So we started our adventures with the District Preliminaries on Thursday. Eric and I got there early and were waiting to watch Hayden run the 100. Here he is relaxing before the race and hanging out with his teammates.
 Here he is checking in that he's going to be running the 100 meter race.
 He's so friendly. He always talks to his competitors before the race. He has made many a friend this way. He has done this in football and basketball too. Many of these guys he's competed against since middle school. Here he is talking with Chris, his biggest competitor in his races. They have become good friends.
 Now he's setting up his blocks, which help him get off to a good start.
 He's looking good!
 He's looking strong.
 It looks like he's got it!!!
 He does! First place! He's going to the District Finals on Saturday!
 Here he is in the 200 prelims.
 He looks great!
 First place again! He's going to the finals on Saturday! woot woot!!!
 Congratulating the other guys.
 Walking out to his teammates at dusk. Time to head home and we'll be back Saturday.
 So, we come back Saturday and Mackenzie and Brittany meet us there.
 It's a gorgeous day!
 Here's Hayden ready to start the 4x100 relay.
 He got out of the blocks good, but the team got qualified due to a lane violation. That's okay, it's sad, but this was not a big race for any of the boys.
 Here's Hayden starting the 100 race at the District Finals.
 He's looking good!
 Oh no! Chris is coming up ahead of him!
 Hayden ended up getting third in this one. He does not qualify for Sate. It's all over. :0(
 Eric's sister, Stacey, came to watch.
 Now Hayden's running the 200. He looks great coming around the corner.
 But that fast as lightening Chris is ahead of him.
 Oh shoot. :0(
 Hayden tried his hardest, but he just could not get it.
 I felt so bad when I saw him trying so hard.
 He took 4th in the 200. His dreams of taking first in District are over. It's so sad for a mother's heart.
 Here's his coach giving him a pep talk. I soooo appreciate coaches for this very thing.
 Here he is walking back to the team tent. My heart is heavy.
 We were so hot! It was about 80 degrees, but we are not used to that kind of weather!
 Here's Hayden getting his third place award for the 100.
 I love this picture. The Bulldog's girls team was running the 4x400 and they were in the lead. You can see Hayden and Corbin out on the field cheering in the last leg runner, Olivia, on.
 They even started running next to her and were cheering for her. I love this stuff about track! The girls took first place!!!
 Now it's the boy's turn. Aaron ran the first leg and he was a little behind that fast Chris who beat Hayden in the 100 and 200.
 Alan ran the second leg and here he is handing it off to Hayden. Alan ran so awesome!
 There goes Hayden!
 He's got about 10 or 12 feet to make up to catch that guy.
 Oh my gosh! He did it! He's ahead! Go Hayden!!!!
 The other guy decided that he was not letting Hayden get ahead.
 Wow, we have a race!
 The guys are ready to get the baton for the last leg of the race.
 Wow, they are neck and neck!
 Here comes Corbin with the last leg of the Bulldog's race. Will we catch them and get 1st place?
 Nope, he couldn't catch him, but we got second!!!!
 Second place means....We're going to Sate! Woot woo!!! Great job guys!!!
 Here's the girls 4x400 team!
 Hayden getting his 4th place award for the 200.
 All the kids waiting out on the field for the awards ceremony.
 The Bulldog's girls team accepting their 1st place award!
 The Bulldog's boy's team accepting their 2nd place award!
One of Hayden's best buddies, Corbin, received such a great honor. He got the Boy Track Athlete of the Year award!
And his friend, Olivia, got the Girl's Track Athlete of the Year award! The Bulldog's had a great District Track meet!!!
 My son, such a cutie!
 The 4x4 team! They are so excited that they are going to State.
 Hayden and his biggest competitor, Chris. I'm so proud of my son for being so friendly and making friends with the kids from other schools.
 Hayden with his proud Aunt Stacey.
 All the sudden I hear Hayden say, "Corbin it's time" and then all the sudden they both started to do handstands.
 Those silly knuckleheads!
 I was so glad to see Hayden so happy. I asked him how he was feeling about not winning in the 100 and 200 and he said, "Who cares, we're going to State in the 4x4!" This made me smile!
 There they go, after a long day of track, they are heading to the buses. Good job guys, you represented our town well!
I'm so proud of this kid! 

"Let us run with endurance the race God has set before us." Hebrews 12:1

"We are hunted down, but never abandoned by God. We get knocked down, but we are not destroyed." 2 Corinthians 4:9

Hugs, Sharon

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