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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Cinco de Mayo 2012!

This is how we celebrated Cinco de Mayo 2012!!!
This big party started quite humbly about 12 years ago. I simply decided to make tacos and burritos on May 5th for fun and the kids all loved it. The next year I planned it a little bigger, got a couple of decorations and told the kids to each invite a friend.
After that it just grew and grew. We do not have a Latino heritage, but we think its fun to celebrate with our southern neighbors and it's a fun excuse for a party! This cute table runner of an embroidered hombre taking a siesta is a new decoration this year. Throughout the year I like to pick up new decorations at garage sales and thrift stores for cheap!
Brittany made delicious flautas.
We laid out all kinds of chopped veggies and other toppings for burritos and tacos.
Cameron made two batches of enchiladas!
Mmm! Those look really good Cameron!
Mmmm! Good job Brittany!
What a great spread!
For dessert I made two batches of Sopapilla cheesecake dessert. It was easy and delicious!!!
Our company is here!
Earlier that week I found this funny Wham-O game at a garage sale, Frisbee Horseshoes. It says it's a "Wild Action Game!" haha! I thought it would be perfect for our little party! Let's see if I get my .25 cents out of it!
Here's Megan giving it a try with drink in hand! (yes, THAT Megan! Cameron and Megan used to be a couple a year ago, but broke up, but now they are hanging out again! Nothing serious, but it makes me smile!!!)
Now Cameron's turn.
We decided it was way too hard. We started playing Frisbee Horseshoes Tennis instead! haha!
This worked much better!
Someone got a ringer with Blondie!
Two pretty senoritas!
Two handsome senors with two pretty senoritas! Cameron, Dan, Megan and Caitlyn.
Brittany with one of her best friends, Natalie.
Grayson and his roommate, Stephen.
What a great sunny evening! We're missing Hayden again because he's at work. He tried to get it off, but couldn't. :0(
Stephen and his girlfriend, Shalyn, Grayson and their other roommate, Trevi.
Time to eat!
Now for the main event!!!
Our Cinco de Mayo tradition!
So much fun!!!
Lee's got it mastered!
Karate chop!
Even the little kids get into it!
I love all of this activity!
No, pregnant Amy was not drinking that margarita! She was holding it for her husband while he was on the stilts!
Two for one deal!
Silly girls!
Great friends, Amy, Brittany and Natalie.
When brothers attack!
Megan's turn!
Stilt race!
Everyone helps everyone. I love it!
Caitlyn's turn!
Natalie's turn!
Dan's turn!
Cameron is a master on the stilts!
Shalyn's turn!
Fun times at the yellow house!
 We stopped for a supermodel shoot.
Yep, they got it going on! haha!
Me with my favorite senor!
We stilted til dusk and then had that yummy dessert!
Wow, that was another super fun Cinco de Mayo at our home. I love our life!!! We are truly blessed!

"So I commend the enjoyment of life , because there is nothing better for a person under the sun than to eat and drink and be glad." Ecclesiastes 8:15a

Hugs, Sharon

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Anonymous said...

So much fun lol . Wish I was there . Donna

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