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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

A Spring Break Tradition!

 One of our Spring break traditions is to go visit Aunt Kathi! Actually, it's my sister, but the boys, of course, call her Aunt Kathi, so that's what we always say! I'm so happy that it worked out that Hayden and I got to go visit her and her family for his last Spring break from high school. It used to be that I took all four of the boys, but one by one they grew up and got busy. Hayden actually went up a day early before I did and he hauled his quad. I was really nervous about that it was in there good and tight. We prayed before he left. He got there with no problems whatsoever, he did a great job with his tie-downs!
 I went up the next day and it was so nice to see my sister!
 We had a very fun family dinner all together. Kathi and Stacey have been happily married for almost 30 years!
 They have a fun and loving family! Here's Jessica, Victoria and Garrett.
 Kathi made Beef Bourguignon and it was wonderful!
Here's Harrison, Hayden and I just hanging out after dinner.
 I have been cleaning the boys old rooms and found a bunch of treasures and brought them to Garrett. He was thrilled!
Hayden, Victoria and Jessica are all running track this year, so they were checking out their stats on Sports.Net website. Currently Hayden is #1 in the state for 200! meter. The girls are doing really great too! Hayden went to track practice with the girls yesterday. :0)
 Both of Kathi's boys are double jointed.
 Harrison was showing us how he can do push-ups with his arms backwards! Isn't that crazy!
 He also can reach his arms behind his back and touch his palms. He's a contortionists!
 I snapped this cute picture of Victoria taking a little quiet break to read her book!
 This is a sad and scary picture! Last week when we had all that snow, Kathi and Stacey lost a huge branch off of this tree. It was so weighted down by the heavy snow that it just snapped. The scary part is that Victoria was looking out the window right before this happened and was thinking about swinging on the swing that hung off of this very branch! Thank goodness she didn't go out right away and three minutes later the whole branch came down and would have seriously injured her. I'm thankful that God was watching out for her and their whole family and nobody got hurt! It's just sad that they lost a beautiful branch and now will end up removing the whole tree.
 One of our favorite traditions is to go to the thrift stores when we are all together.
 We hit a couple of stores and then decided to grab some lunch.
 Kathi and Jessica.
 Victoria, Garrett and me.
 Harrison and Hayden.
 Yea for Goodwill!
 Hayden's doing some serious shopping looking for electronics!
 Me and the girls!
 That night when we got home, Kathi wanted to make a special dinner. We are having spring rolls with peanut sauce!
 She put me to work cutting veggies!
This is all new to me, so I was taking notes! First she put in a bunch of peanut butter into her little mixer.
 Then she added carrots, sugar, salt, onions, cilantro, soy sauce, vinegar, and fresh ginger.
She then blended them all together for a few minutes.
 She stopped to stir it by hand to ensure that the peanut butter really got mixed in.
 It's finished! It's delicious too!
 These are rice paper wraps and they are pretty neat!
 This is what the package looks like and you can find them at most grocery stores.
 You take them out and as you need them you dip them in warm water for a few seconds.
 Then you lay them out on the counter or a cutting board and lay all your favorite toppings inside. We had shrimp, cabbage, carrots, onion, parsley, cilantro and rice noodles.
 You simply wrap them up like a burrito.
 They look really neat! Make sure that you lay your shrimp on the bottom so that you see it after it's rolled up.
 Time for dinner!
 They turned out really wonderful. We had a lovely dinner.
Hayden and I both had a great time at Aunt Kathi's! I'm so thankful for our tradition. I'm so thankful for Kathi and Stacey and their cozy, loving family. I am blessed!

"Clap your hands, all peoples! Shout to God with loud songs of joy!" Psalms 47:1

Hugs, Sharon

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