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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Spring break at the cabin!

Last year we went to an auction and bid on a cabin in the mountains. We decided to stay at the cabin over spring break. We took two rigs, Cameron and Grayson were in Grayson's truck and Hayden was with Eric and I. Brittany and Mackenzie were coming up a few hours later when they got off work.
On the way up to the cabin as we were winding through the snow covered mountains, we got stuck in traffice.
We were waiting there for about an hour. We turned on our CB and we learned that there was a terrible accident. We were praying for the people involved in it.
We finally were able to drive by the accident. Sadly, a woman was killed. It was very sad to drive by it knowing that she lost her life about two hours prior. We prayed for her family, it's just so sad. This was the truck that hit her car head on, we also prayed for him and his family. It was very sobering and scary to drive by this somber scene.
That shook us up pretty bad. We were very glad when we finally arrived at the cabin. It actually is a very nice house.
This is the master bedroom.
This is Mackenzie and Brittany's room.
The kitchen was big and pretty. The first thing I did was unpack everything and I laid out tons of snacks.
Eric called Mackenzie and Brittany and asked them to go to our house and instead of driving their car, to take our extra truck. He was concerned about them driving their car in the snow and wanted them to have four wheel drive.
This place is really pretty. It's on the Little Deschutes River.
It's springtime, but it looks like fall!
I went out there to relax a bit.
It's so nice to  be away from it all!
We all just chilled out and watched TV and did lazy stuff while we were waiting for the kids to arrive.
I think we all needed a relaxing break!
Eric and Hayden played foosball while Cameron was working on a project.
Father against son! Blondie's the cheerleader!

Cameron and Hayden played Bananagrams.
For dinner I made taco salad! Yum! We're waiting to eat until Mackenzie and Brittany arrive.
They're here!!!
We are so thankful that the Lord protected them as they went over the snowy pass!
Mackenzie's being funny and mimicking those famous pictures of big foot!
After dinner we watched a movie.
Fun times!
It's so great being in the same house together again!
We were snug as a bug in a rug!
The movie's over, time for bed! I wonder what tomorrow will bring?

"I will both lay me down in peace and sleep, for Thou, Lord, only makes me dwell in safety." Psalm 4:8

Hugs, Sharon

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