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Tuesday, April 17, 2012


We woke up to a big surprise at our house a few weeks ago!
We got 5 inches of snow! We are one of those states that rarely gets snow. We usually are excited if we get it once a year, but this year we've had it several times!
And this was so crazy being at the end of March!
It's so beautiful though.
I went outside in the early morning with my bathrobe and rubber boots on to take pictures. Haha, you can see my footprints!
It's so quiet.
This is a beautiful picture.
It's so peaceful.
I love it!
This one reminds me of a Thomas Kinkade picture (may he rest in peace).
My husband didn't have to work that day, but I did, so he was so sweet and cleared all the snow off my car and on the drive way. After he did all of this my boss called me and said that they decided to close the clinic! Bummer for Eric, but I was excited!  They did, however, ask if I was willing to go down there and put a sign in the window saying we were closed and I said that I would do that.
This was before and...
.....this is after. What a neat guy I have!
He was also worried about me driving to work in the snow, so he gave me a ride.
The streets looked so pretty.
Look at this poor cherry tree outside my office, it is burdened down with so much snow!
Eric waited for me as I just had to run in and type up a sign saying we were closed and then I got to go home again. Yea!!! Snow day!!!
Hayden actually got called into work.
So he bundled up and headed down to the gas station.
This picture is very sweet to me. If you look close you can see Eric's red truck (at the right of the picture) leading Hayden's little truck to the left of the picture. Eric was concerned about Hayden driving in the snow because he's inexperienced wiht driving in it. They both filled the back of his truck wiith snow to weigh it down and Hayden followed Eric down to the station. Hayden did just great, he had a hard time getting out of his parking space because it was so icy and he kept spinning out, but then he was fine. I appreciate my husband so much for things like this. He cares for our sons so much and worries about them, but he lets them be men. He didn't drive for Hayden in the snow, but he TAUGHT him how to drive in the snow. This is such a loving thing to do!
The power went out and I couldn't of think of what to do. I was so lost without my computer! I jokingly took this picture of me staring at a black screen, but the truth was, at this moment, although I didn't know it, my computer was fried by a power surge and I would end up being without it for a full week!!! Sad day!
While I was inside, my hubby was outside keeping busy. He's such a hard worker.
He shoveled off our whole driveway!
I finally thought of something to do and that was put all my photos in albums. I actually took these pictures later when the power came back on, but it was a great job to keep me busy and I had been wanting to do it for quite some time. I got all of our photos up to date in albums up through Octobuer of 2011!
The house started getting cold, so Hayden made a nice fire.
I was becoming a slug. I don't do well when I'm cold. No power means no heat, no cooking, no hot coffee, no TV, no computer, nothing. I could have read, but I was cold and didn't feel like it, plus the house was kind of dark.
So Hayden and I sat and visited in front of the fire.
Even though I was cold, it was fun "roughing" it.
We ate lunch in the living room next to the fire.
Now I'm getting warmed up!
What a blessing to be able to hunker down with the family and get cozy by the fire. The electricity was out for 7 hours and boy were we happy when it came back on! 

"When it snows, she has no fear for her household." Proverbs 31:21a

Hugs, Sharon

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Sue said...

OH! Sharon if you only knew the warm fuzzy feeling I get when I come by for a visit. I feel as though I am right there enjoying your life with you. It seems we both have been blessed with great men! The photo of kitty looking at the fire is priceless. Thank you for sharing a part of your life. Until a few days ago, I had been off line for a few weeks, and have missed reading about what others have been doing. I will now go and read some of your previous post. I always leave so blessed.

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