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Monday, April 9, 2012

Last minute centerpiece!

A few weeks ago I was putting on a baby shower for my good friend Sarah and her newly born baby girl, Savannah. At the last minute I decided I wanted a springy centerpiece for my dining room table. I was thinking of buying a bouquet of flowers or buying an Easter lily, but I didn't have any extra cash to spend.
So what does a smart and frugal girl do in a situation like this? Well, she drives to the local abandoned spooky house and cuts a few branches off of the gloriously blooming cheery trees!
We drive by this house every day and it's been abandoned since we moved in 18 years ago. Click
here to read a blog post that I wrote two years ago about this house.
Wow, they are in full bloom and are just gorgeous!
I came prepared and brought tree trimmers.
I was a little nervous every time someone drove by.
They all slowed down and were wondering what I was up to!
 I do weird stuff like this quite often and I think my neighbors are just used to it!
I will stop by an oak tree along the road and pick up acorns and my kids and I used to go to the mud puddles at the middle school to get pollywogs.
I also am not too proud to stop by a neighbor's house and go through a box of junk that they set out with the word "free" on it.
I have taken cuttings from these two trees for many years now and I started wondering.....
I wonder if I'm helping these trees to be so healthy? They are totally on their own, no one is taking care of them, but they are not all long and all sprawled out.
When I cut them I carefully cut around the tree in an even pattern so that I don't ruin the look of the tree.
I also want to make sure to leave plenty of blossoms for the rest of the neighborhood to enjoy.
I laid down a towel in the back of my car so the petals would not make a mess back there.  I also brought my vase to make sure I was cutting the branches long enough.
What a beautiful haul!!!!
Wow! They look amazing!
They make my whole house feel fresh and renewed.
It's the perfect look that I wanted for the baby shower! They are so springy and beautiful!
So the next time you need a quick, easy and cheap centerpiece, drive around your neighborhood! Just make sure it really is an abandoned house though first!!!

Come back tomorrow to see pictures from the shower.

"Flowers appear on the earth; the season of singing has come." Song of Solomon 2:12a

Hugs, Sharon


Anonymous said...

I love it , a girl after my own heart. I do that with lavender since there is so much growing freely around here . It drives me crazy at the end of the season to see it go to waste. You are probably not the only one that does that with that pretty tree . I have an abandoned home next to me and we keep up the front yard . Maybe some of the neighbours do that too. Some of my besy hauls are from the free piles . Donna

Mardell said...

Gorgeous! They say that regular "pruning" (aka: cutting branches) :o) actually helps the tree! I've been known to do the same thing with lilacs ~~ drive by on a road that no one lived on. There was a big row of them. My kids climbed them to get the best ones at the top! Yes, I made sure they were safe. LOL Oh what memories... Then we'd share and take bouquets to my mom & my grandmother.

As always, love your pictures and your spunk & spark for life!

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