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Monday, April 23, 2012

King Hayden!

 My son, Hayden, was crowned Prom King on Saturday night!
 We were so thrilled! This is how the whole evening started! The theme of the prom was "A Night In Paris".
 Wow! He looks great in his tux! What a sharp dressed man!
 He's heading out to pick up his date, Haley. We let him drive our car.
I met them over at a friend's house where they were taking pictures. Haley's parents were there too! Here he is putting on her wrist corsage.
 Putting on the boutonniere.
 They are so cute!
Fun times!
This is a relaxed and cute picture.
 I love the naturalness of this photo.
 Hayden and his buddies!
 The whole gang!
 I love these pictures!
They look so great together!
 Haley's my kind of girl! She wanted shoes with red on the bottom, so her and her mom taped them off and spray painted the bottoms red! It worked out perfect. Don't they look cute!
 On Friday I got a call from the school counselor telling me that Hayden was voted Prom King and they invited us to come to the prom to watch him get crowned! We were sooooo excited! It was hard to keep the secret though! We decided to invite Haley's parents, Phil and Wanda, to come with us, but first we went out for a nice dinner. After dinner we went over to the Prom and had to hide until they announced him because they wanted it to be a surprise that the parents were there.
 Here's the big moment of being announced King!
 Now he's being crowned King!
 He was pretty happy!
 The King and Queen dance! His friend, Courtney, was announced Queen; she's a sweet girl!
 It was so fun to be there with all the excitement. I'm such a proud mama!
 Hayden and Haley!
 The Prom Court!
 Phil and Wanda with Hayden and Haley.
We are so happy for him and so very proud of him! What a magical and memorable night! Oh, and one more thing...he's not the only Prom King in the family...
Three years ago, his older brother, Grayson, was crowned Prom King. Click here to read about that. We are so proud of them! We are so proud of all of our boys!

"The Lord has done great things for us! We are glad!" Psalm 126:3

Hugs, Sharon


Mardell said...


What a fun night you must have had! You looked great. A special night you'll cherish forever!

Sue said...

Congratulations to Hayden, I know of two proud parents. Enjoyed the photos of these beautiful young people, brought back memories of my own prom, and that of our children. Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

You have raised a lovely young man and both you and your husband should be very proud!.


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