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and the day in, day out things that we do.
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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Snow again!

We woke up to snow again here in the Valley. It's beautiful. It only gave us a light dusting and it's all melted now. It is very late in the year for us to get it here in Oregon. Our weather has been strange for the past couple of years. I think it's fun to have different weather throughout the year, but I am sure hoping we will have a beautiful, sunny, hot summer without rain this year!

I have a busy day and week ahead, but I'm hoping to post the Mr. Bulldog pictures tomorrow morning. Hope all of you are having a great day!

"Oh Lord, how manifold are Your works! In wisdom you have made them all!" Psalm 104:24

Hugs, Sharon


Anna said...

It has been a very strange winter here in the Midwest. Only 3 snowfalls and nothing more. It is 70 today and will be 80 the rest of the week. I am not sure what the summer will bring us hopefully no severe weather.

Have a great day and night.

Anonymous said...

It's been very strange here in Bc too . Yesterday we had huge windstorms and I was without power frm 7am -11pm , it got to be very cold here. the dogs and cat and I bundled up and jumped in bed to stay warm . This morning it has been snowing on and off but not settling. I think our weather is pretty close to what yours is right now. Spring will be here in seven days !! Donna

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