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Thursday, March 1, 2012

New washer and dryer!

 Well, after 17 years of loyal service, our old washing machine gave up the ghost. We knew that both the washer and dryer were on their last legs, but it was kind of fun to keep them going as long as we could before we had the expense of replacing them.
 The agitator in the washing machine quit spinning and my handyman husband could not repair it.
 Because we knew they were ready to die over the past couple of years, we had been thinking about what we wanted. Everyone's been talking about the front loaders for some time now and at first we were going to go that route, but over the past year or so, I've heard some negative things about them.
Wow! Look at all the dirt that was under our dryer! Shame on me!!!
 First of all the front loaders are very expensive, but they are supposed to be energy efficient and you save big money on electricity and water. But, we also heard that front loaders break easy and are expensive to repair. We also heard that they leave a musty odor on your clothes. We decided we wanted to get a plain Jane set with a top loading washing machine.
Eric called our favorite appliance store and asked them if they would take our old ones if we bought new ones, which of course they said they would.
 Eric and Hayden loaded them up.
 It's so nice to have a nice boy to help load things up, we used to have four and now we're down to one, what are we going to do when he moves out? I guess I'll have to start pumping iron to prepare for this! heehee
 Wow, when I see this empty space it's easy to imagine removing that wall and expanding our kitchen. Oh, stop it Sharon! That's not going to happen, so don't even think about it! haha!
 I followed Eric to the appliance store in my car because I had errands to run afterwards.
 Wow! It's a sea of washing machines!
 This is when things get really confusing!
 Thankfully when Eric called the store to see if they would take our old machines, he talked to a nice salesman named, Rick. Eric told Rick that we wanted a good, no-nonsence, energy efficient, top loading set. So when we got there Rick already had a set picked out for us!
 He directed us to this beautiful, plain, white set made by Maytag.
 It's energy efficient, saves water and it's on sale!!!!
 This was one of the fastest purchases we've ever made!
 It was extra nice getting them on sale. We got the two of them for about $1,000.00. Ouch! But that's actually a good deal for what's out there right now.
 Don't they look pretty!
 It will take some getting used to having the window on the top of the washer. I love it though because there's no agitator, so you can fit a lot more clothes in the washer.
They have very few bells and whistles, and that's how we like it! Good old plain Janes, that's what we wanted. :0)  Sadly, the man said they don't make them like they used to, they don't last 20 years anymore, this set will probably last us 12-15 years if we are good to it.

Now, I better go get some laundry done!

"Create in me a clean heart, oh God, and renew a right spirit within me." Psalm 51:10

Hugs, Sharon


Anonymous said...

Isnt it funny how we reach our age and something like getting a new washer and dryer is exciting to us ? $1000 is a great deal on a Maytag too , I just wish they would invent one that washed dried , folded and put them away too. Donna

Mardell said...

I love them! Goodness, isn't silly how we get excited over appliances? I like the simplicity of them, too. I am "no way" a fancy gadget kind of gal. As long as it gets the job done, I'm happy. I like Donna's idea about folding AND putting away. LOL

Kathi said...

Sharon, I'm so happy you got a new set and at a good price. I'm with you, no big frills, I want something for a good price that does the job!!

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