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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Mr. Bulldog pageant!

Wow! What a fun night we had watching our youngest son, Hayden, participate in the Mr. Bulldog pageant. Here we are waiting anxiously for the show to start! These kids have been working together since December towards this night. They have donated countless hours working to raise money for the Children's Miracle Network to help save lives of premature babies. It is such a fabulous program!
Mackenzie, Brittany, my sister, Kathi, Cameron and Grayson all got front row seats to watch Hayden!
Eric and I with his parents, Jim and Alice.
The big opening number was so cute!
The theme was Grease, so they were all dressed like greasers with their rolled up jeans and T-Bird tee-shirts on!
They all did such a great job!
I'm partial, I thought Hayden did really great!
Grease is the word!
Doing the hand jive!
Grease lightening!
Go grease lightening!
Hopelessly devoted.... you!!!
For a time-taker-upper while the boys were changing their clothes, they showed a video of the boys being goofy at a visit to a local park. Hayden was hilarious!
This portion of the show is so cute. It's called the "Little Buddies" and each contestant walks out with a child. Here's Valentin as a criminal and the little boy is the cop.
Hayden was soooo cute!
He was a football player and he was holding my friend, Sarah's little 4 week old baby girl, Savannah and she was dressed as the football! Isn't that just so precious!
He stopped to kiss her and it was just soooo darling!
Serge and his buddy were baseball players.
Nik and his buddy were farmers.
This one was so hilarious! Gabe was Fred Flintstone and he was holding Pebbles!
Dakota and his buddy were so cute as cowboys!
They had another "mad dash for cash" where they ran all through the audience trying to collect money in their money jars.
Hayden was all over the place! Later we learned that they earned over a thousand dollars doing this!
The next segment is the talent show. Here's Sam dancing to a cowboy song.
Valentin and a guest, Matt (dressed up like a girl) doing a Michael Jackson song.
Hayden sang a song, "So Happy Together" while they played a video that he made. All through the video it shows him alone, thinking about the girl he loves and at the end it's revealed that the girl he's talking about is our dog Blondie! It was really cute!
Chevy and Nik did a funny skit.
Gabe and Serge did the famous skit, "Who's on first" it was really funny!
Dakota did a very moving ribbon dance! haha!
The next segment is called the "Mom letters". It's where each contestant reads a touching letter to his mom (and other family members) thanking her for loving and supporting him. Each boy escorts his mom out on to the stage and hands her flowers and together they watch a slide show about each boy. A local tuxedo shop donated the use of the tuxedos for each guy for this event. Here they all are before the segment started. Don't they all look so handsome!
This is really faint, but you can see a picture of baby Hayden on the screen. His tribute letter was really sweet and all of his pictures were adorable! I was very touched because he thanked me for raising him to be strong in the Lord!
Here he is escorting me back to my seat.
Here are the girls who did all the work behind the scenes. They all worked so hard!
Well, we're down to the end.
This is the part where the boys have to answer a serious question and a funny question. Hayden answered his really well.
And finally they announce the Mr. Bulldog King and it was Chevy. Congratulations Chevy!
In my eyes, all of the boys are kings, especially this one!
The whole family went up to him after the show.
The big brothers with their little brother. They were all so proud of him. They are all so handsome!
Eric and I are so proud of our son!
Hayden with Grandma and Grandpa!
Hayden with Aunt Kathi!
Hayden and Brittany!
They are all so cute! They all did a great job!
Hayden and Sam. They've been friends for a long time.
We staged this picture. I have so many pictures of Hayden when he was younger and you see Sam in the background like this. It cracks me up!
It was a great night. All the boys did a super good job and they raised over $8,000.00!!!! Isn't that fabulous! 

Good job Hayden, we couldn't be prouder!

"For the eyes of the Lord run to and fro throughout the whole earth, to show Himself strong on behalf of those whose heart is loyal to Him." II Chronicles 16:9
Hugs, Sharon


Anna said...

What a proud momma you must be. I have 5 sons and my next to the youngest graduates this year. I wish our school did something like this. It is so wonderful to watch our sons grow up to be such strong, God loving young men. I know how proud you are as I know I would be.

Anonymous said...

That is fantastic Sharon , they put alot of effort into that production. A proud mom moment for sure. Donna

Mardell said...

Hi Sharon!
I couldn't wait to see these pics! It was SO worth it. Oh my, what fun. You looked so beautiful, & Hayden, so handsome. (ALL of your men are.) Congrats to everyone. They really put alot of hours putting this together. AND $8000 is awesome! :o)

Hope you're having a great day. Has your snow melted yet?

Sue said...

Sharon, Your sons are a true reflection of you and Eric and your love for the lord!
I count myself blessed to know you, as you always inspire me to reach a little higher.

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