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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Hayden got a new truck!

Here's one happy guy! He just bought himself a new cherry red truck!
His first vehicle is this little rust colored 1984 Toyota that he bought for $500.00 from his big brother, Grayson two years ago. I'm proud of Hayden because he has worked hard for his money to pay for his truck. He works part-time after school and on weekends at the local gas station; I am proud of all of my boys, as they all have done this. I feel bad sometimes because they were always so busy, but it taught them such valuable lessons in life and they are all very hard workers and do not squander their money.  Hayden had been longing for a newer truck for sometime and he finally had enough money to upgrade his truck and he found this cute new one!
He bought it from a kid at school who got it from his grandpa. The boy still doesn't have his license and would rather have a car, so he sold it to Hayden for $1500.00. I like the fact that it has only had one owner who was an older man who took care of it! It's a 1991 Toyota and it's perfectly straight with no dents, plus it came with the neat metal box in the back and four extra studded tires and wheels!

They brought it home and Hayden was so excited! We were all out there looking at it in the dark of the night, even Blondie! A funny and interesting thing is that it is the EXACT same truck as his big brother Mackenzie's truck! It's the same make, model, year and even color! Isn't that funny!

I appreciate my husband so much. He went over and looked at the truck with Hayden and helped him do all the paperwork. He also helped Hayden by loaning him part of the money to pay for it. Hayden was able to come up with most of the money, but needed a little more.
 Eric has always done this with all of our sons. He has lists hanging out in the garage with the amounts of moneys owed to us by each boy. They make payments to him and their balances slowly, but surely come down until they are paid off. We feel this is important that they always pay back their debts, but also, we want them to know that when they need to borrow money, we will always work with them and help them out. Especially if it is for important things like new brakes, car repairs or new tires. Loans are always available through the good old Bank of Dad!
I think he almost considers this his first vehicle because he went out and found it on his own, rather than buying his brother's old truck. There's a sense of accomplishment for him.
This little truck served our family quite well, first Grayson drove it for about three years and then Hayden drove it for about two. Amazingly, Hayden sold it on Craig's list within an hour of posting it for $900.00! He only paid $500.00, so he made a great profit! These little Toyota's really hold their value! This is another area that my husband really helped Hayden, getting it posted properly on Craig's list, finding a safe time to have the guy come look at it and actually making the cash transaction with written receipts and changing over the title. I do many things for my kids, but I purr like a little kitten when I get to relax and let my husband help them in these types of things!
So now he owns another Toyota and he's a happy guy!

"All hard work brings a profit." Proverbs 14:23a

Hugs, Sharon

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Mardell said...

Hi Sharon,
How wonderful for Hayden! Certainly a memorable time for him. We can all remember our 1st vehicles. Mine was a '71 Olds Cutlass. How I loved that car!

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