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Monday, February 6, 2012

Thrift store finds....

I recently went to an awesome little thrift store and I got a haul! But first I want to tell you that I felt that I overspent in December, so I decided to cut back in January and I only went thrifting one day. I only spent $14.64 and this is what I found. All of the clothing was 50% off, so I bought six new shirts! This pretty embellished gold top was originally $2.79, so I paid $1.40 for it! Score!
This cute little striped navy and white Gap t-shirt was originally $3.79 and I only paid $1.90 for it.
Here's a very feminine flowy top.
It was $3.49 to begin with, so after the discount, I paid $1.75.
I needed a solid long sleeve black t-shirt and was happy to find this one for $3.49, so with discount, only $1.75.
I love this flowy silky turquoise and lavender top. It was originally $3.29 and I paid just $1.65.
And lastly, I found this cute black and green polka-dotted cotton top. It was originally only $3.49, so the discount price was just $1.75! These are in excellent condition and they are good quality tops. I was so excited!
I also found this cute box of food coloring.
Pretty neat to still be in the original box. It was only .99 cents!
I also found several books. I love these Ideals books and am starting to collect the old ones. They have beautiful poems and pictures in them and they are perfect for inspiration for blogging! The paperbacks were only .49 cents each.
I also found this really cute old church program booklet for Thanksgiving.
It's full of poems, sayings and scriptures for Thanksgiving.
I thought these sayings might be cute on my blog or....
....maybe I can use them sometime when I have grandchildren and we want to put on a show for the family! :0)
I also found this great vintage Popular Freezer Cookery book. It's a hardback and all of their hardbacks are only .99 each.
I collect vintage cookbooks and if its from 1979 or older, it's eligible to go in my collection. This one was published in 1972.
I thumbed through it and as as soon as I saw this picture, I wanted it! I love pictures of women busy in their kitchens, especially when there are children in the pictures too. This kitchen looks so warm and cozy. I love it! In the cart it went!!!
I got this cute little miniature blueberry cookbook too.
I was very excited when I found this awesome Chinese cookbook. It's called Chinese Cooking Class Cookbook published by Consumer Guide.
I have a Mexican cookbook in this same series and I love it.
I enjoy making themed dinners and I would love to make an authentic Chinese meal.
Last year I made a big Mexican feast from this same type of cookbook with my daughter-in-law and my son's girlfriend and it turned out to be really fun. Click here to read that story.
Anyway, I was thrilled to find this book! I'm hoping there are other's in the same series.
I put the cute little food coloring bottle and box next to my vintage mixer in the laundry room.
It's so cute!
I washed my tops and already wore three of them!
Here I am in the polka-dotted one. I wore a little tank under it because the neck was low cut and I paired it with a little black cardigan.
On this day I am wearing the pretty teal and lavender top that I wore with a pretty sparkly teal sweater.
I also wore my little dainty silver necklace with blue stones with this outfit. I love how it all looks so feminine.
I wore this outfit to work this past Friday for casual Friday and got several compliments on it.
Even though we get to wear jeans on Fridays, I like to dress them up a bit and this top is perfect! I love all the bling on it. I topped it with a cute little cream cardigan that has pearl buttons and I wore diamond and pearl jewelry and gold flats.
So these are my great deals this month! I only spent $14.64 and I figure I got at least $90.00 in clothing, plus the other things! I LOVE bargain shopping and I love thrift stores!!!

"The LORD your God is in your midst, a mighty one who will save; he will rejoice over you with gladness; he will quiet you by his love; he will exult over you with loud singing." Zephaniah 3:17
Hugs, Sharon


Anonymous said...

Wow ! Score for team Sharon , awesome finds ! I just love a good thrift store shop. I cant help myself with dishes though. I did a major clean out of my house and declutter and I was a little over ambitious with some of the things I got rid of. I had to go to the thrift store and buy a couple of my dishes back that I needed over christmas . And every once in a while something else creeps back in to the house cant help myself , I love a good deal . I scour the thrift stores for vintage pins , dogs bird etc , whatever I like , lots of rhinestones . When you did your post on your jewellery I seriously drooled over some of your finds. It's a challenge and it is a fun hobby too . I also look out for things my friends or kids like too . Thanks for sharing again Sharon. Donna

Anonymous said...

Sharon~what a smart shopper! Cute tops! Since finding your blog, I have to say I am a little jealous of your thrift store shopping deals. Unfortunately we have no thrift stores close to where I live and I don't really "think" about thrift store shopping when I do get to the city....but I love seeing your treasures!

Lisa said...

Hi Sharon,

I recognise the Chinese Cooking Class Cookbook, my parents passed on their copy to me when I moved out of homea few years ago. I love it! I've made a few dishes from it, my favourites are the Lemon Chicken and Beef with Cashews. I made the pork buns and the filing was nice but I think my dough was a bit thick so they tasted a bit doughy. Have fun creating your Chinese feast.

And I love the tops you bought, very stylish.


Kathi said...

Sharon, You are so pretty. I love all of your thrift-store finds. What a smart shopper you are. Also, love your cheater dinner. We all need to feel that we can do that now and then. Life is busy and we get tired. Your Valentine decore is fabulous as always. I love all of your cute touches. I love you, Kathi

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