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Friday, February 3, 2012

A snowy, cozy family dinner....

 A few weeks ago my husband's brother, Mark, was in town visiting. He lives in Maryland and he came out for a visit because their mother Alice's health has been worsening and he wanted to see her. We had the family over to our house for dinner and much to our surprise, it snowed that day at about 3:00 and snowed steady for several hours until our dinner. We got about 2 inches. What was interesting is that the family all traveled from a town just 20 minutes away and there was no snow there! They were all surprised when they drove into our tiny town to see a winter wonderland!
 Eric and Mark helped get Alice out of the car and into the house. She needs to be in a wheelchair now.
 I was out there taking pictures and I was just cracking up because Alice kept cracking up. As they were trying to get her out of the car she just kept giggling and saying that it was so funny. I am so happy that with her dementia she is in a happy mental state.
 Here's my beautiful mother-in-law Alice with my beautiful daughter-in-law Brittany.
 The guys having appetizers before dinner.
We had a lovely evening.
It was good for Eric and Mark to catch up.
 Hayden, Mark, Mackenzie, Eric and Grayson. Cameron could not be with us as he was in Seattle.
 Me with my dear second mom. I cherish all of these moments with Alice.
 Hayden, Mark, Mackenzie, Eric, Grayson, Grandpa Jim and Blondie!
 We had a yummy dinner of prime rib, potato salad and jello salad with brownies for dessert.
 It was time to say goodbye and get Grandma back into the car.
 All of the guys were helping. I'm so proud of my boys!
They all love their grandparents so much and would do anything to help. Alice was still being funny and laughing the whole time. We laughed so hard because as they were pulling away she rolled her window down and shouted one last goodbye!
It was magical being outside in all that snow. Everything somehow seems quieter. I'm so glad we did this, we had a wonderful family dinner. I always feel so warm and have much love in my heart after family gatherings. I truly feel blessed.

"Live in harmony with one another; love, be sympathetic, compassionate and humble… bless one another so that you may inherit a blessing." I Peter 3:8-9

Hugs, Sharon


flo said...

Hi Sharon !
it's a great post ! how sweety is your mother in law.... but so sad to see her situation....
You can be considered as a wonderful daugther in law ! I'm sure that she knows that !

I've no (private) news from you but no matter with that ! I'm just sorry about that but.....
I've posted on my blog (I had stopped it a few months ago but I decided to post again now !) perhaps could you see it.... it will be a possibility to meet me...
Here is the link :

And another link for Brittany who seems to be a girl who loves cooking :

It's also my cooking blog that I stopped last year..... but perhaps it could give her some ideas for french cooking.....
Of course, you will have to use google to translate them.....

Here, it's the last comment I will write because I don't want to stress you with sharing about our countries, if it's not your pleasure....

Have a great week-end
Flo with kisses from France !

Rose of Sharon said...

Hi Flo,

I did try to go visit you, but you never left me a link until now. I just popped over to your blog and it's really cute. I could not find the google translate button, so I could not read it, but the pictures are cute.

Hugs, Sharon

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