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Friday, February 17, 2012

My son, the drum maker...

Come with me....we're going to walk down this back alley and visit my son, Mackenzie, while he's at work.
There's the entry to his job.
He's expecting me. I told him I wanted to stop by and take a few pictures of him at his job.
There he is!
Mackenzie works at a drum shop. He's worked here since he was in 10th grade. It's really close to our house, in fact, he often times rode his bicycle to work!
John, the shop owner lives up the hill from us and he heard Mackenzie playing the drums one evening. He stopped by and said he owned a drum shop and needed some help around the place part time and he hired Mackenzie.
Mackenzie started with sweeping and moved up to drilling holes. Eventually over time John showed him how to completely make complete drum sets and also how to take care of all the incoming orders and how to ship the drums out.
John always paid Mackenzie higher than minimum wage and worked around Mackenzie's high school and college schedule. This has been a wonderful job for Mackenzie, especially since he loves playing drums!
These are drum heads and jigs used for marking and drilling the holes for the hardware.
These things are called drum shells and they are all made of maple.  They order them in different sizes and they come tall like this and Mackenzie cuts them to the right size,  puts edges on them and drills holes in them for the lugs.
These are called jigs and they are like a template to guide him when he drills the holes for the lugs.
You can see the holes there where he has drilled it. He's prepping this one to be wrapped in a finish. There are many different finishes to choose from.
There are many different types of finishes to choose from. These are rolls of plastic vinyl wraps that they have in stock or they can special order anything the customer wants. You can also have your drums stained pretty much any color you'd like.
Mackenzie is showing some samples of how the wraps will look after they are finished.
These drum shells are wrapped.
Three different sizes of drum shells.
They have everything they need.
Here are some boxes of drum parts and hardware.
All different sizes of screws are needed as well as different colors.
Mackenzie has become very knowledgeable with all aspects to making drums.
These are called bass drums and hoops.
This bass drum shell has been cut down to the right side, but it's rough around the edges and needs to be sanded down.
They have this clever idea of taping the sandpaper down on the table and then simply rubbing the shell across it to sand it!
I'm so proud of him!
He's so knowledgeable and talented!
These things are called drum heads. This is the top of the drum where the drummer beats his drumstick.
These sure are shiny and pretty!
They look like communion trays!
Mackenzie told me they are hoops which hold the drum heads onto the drums.
They also have black hoops.
This is a small little shop, but it has a place for everything and everything is in it's place.
He gave me a great tour of the place and then he got back to work.
He knows exactly what he's doing.
Here he's measuring to put another piece of wrap on.
He has to be very careful when measuring, it has to be exact and it's not very forgiving.
He drills holes in the side where the lugs will go.
A lug is what the tension rods go into that hold the head to the drum. You tighten the tension rod to tune the drum.
This is a bass drum hoop that has been stained black.
He's picking out the ride size head to put on the drum.
This looks like the right one and then he's putting the hoop on it. This one is stained black.
This hoop has been wrapped.
He puts an adhesive on the wrap and then has to very carefully and quickly get it perfectly on the drum.
This is a skill that he had to learn, but now he has mastered it.
He amazes me!
He has been working here about 20 hours a week while going to college.
John has been so good to Mackenzie and will let him work for a couple of hours on a certain or a full 8 hours on another just to work around his school schedule.
I'm so glad I got these pictures. It's not every day that a kid gets to have a job like this!
His boss has a website and has customers all over the globe, a lot of them have been celebrities too, and my son made the drums!!!
My son, the drum maker!
I'm so proud of him!
Here are some pictures from the company website of drums that Mackenzie made. Yes, he made every single one of these sets! I cannot believe it! They are so pretty! I love this black set!
A beautiful cobalt blue set.
This one has a walnut stain on it.
This set has an orange wrap.
I love this tiger striped set!
This is his own personal set that he made for himself. John let him work extra hours to pay for the parts. It's beautiful!

I actually took these pictures last spring knowing he was going to graduate and get a job in his field and he would quit the drum shop. Sure enough, he did graduate, he did get a job in his chosen field, which I will share about on Monday, and he did quit the drum shop. I'm so glad that I took these pictures before he left there, I wanted him to always have these pictures to remember this really cool job that he had! 

"Be diligent and hard-working." Proverbs 14:23

"Be skilled at what you do." Proverbs 22:29

Hugs, Sharon


Anonymous said...

That is amazing Sharon , never even thought how a drum was made. Made me feel like i was watching a Mr Rogers show. Good for Mackenzie and he will always have a trade to fall back on too . You and Eric must be so proud of all his accomplishments. Donna

Mardell said...

Oh Sharon, that is so neat. I am so impressed! That is just so neat. I love watching that show, "How it's Made." Have never seen them make drums though. I bet John was sad to see Mackenzie go. Can't wait to hear what he's up to now.

Have a great weekend.

A Romantic Porch said...

This posting is so interesting. I would enjoy knowing what occupation he has chosen after doing this for several years. xo rachel

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