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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Mexican feast!!!

It all started with this great Mexican cookbook that I found at Goodwill. It's called Mexican Cooking Class Cookbook by Consumer Guide.
I love the way it's set up, it shows a nice picture and then breaks down the instructions with smaller pictures.
It's so helpful.
After looking through the book, I had a great idea to try and make an authentic Mexican meal for our family.
I asked the girls in my life, Brittany, Rachelle and Megan if they would like to help me make a big Mexican feast for the whole family.
They said they'd love to help me!
So we started planning the menu with ideas from the book.
We planned the menu and I made a grocery list.
Then I took it all to the store.
Now I've shopped in the Mexican Foods aisle many time before....
....but only to grab refried beans, flour tortillas and green chilies....
 ......but never for the things required to make authentic foods!
I was a little confused in the Mexican aisle, it's all Greek to me! haha!
I kept plugging away and referring to my book.
And eventually I found everything on the list.
The next day Brittany.....
...and Megan.....
....and I all met at my house after church and we started cooking.
We were a bit overwhelmed by all of this, but we had faith that we could do it!
Megan began by mixing up the dough with masa, green chilies and chicken stock to make the chalupas and gorditas.
We rolled it into balls and.....
....and mashed them flat.
Then we folded up the edges.....
.....and formed them into little boats.
Here I am trying my hand at making the shells.
We then fried them in lard. Yes, I said "lard"!
I used to think it was really gross stuff, but actually, it's very easy to work with and adds a yummy flavor to the food.
They are looking nice and brown, but they don't look like the picture in the book! They lost their shape and got all puffy and crispy kind of like croutons. I later learned that we should have browned them really quickly before we deep fried them.
We browned the beef in seasoning to put in the chalupa and gordita shells.
We topped each shell with the beef, beans, cheese, salsa, radish slices and olive slices.
They turned out really pretty and were very delicious!
We did lots of new things and learned a lot. Here are the girls seeding and deveining dried chilies.
We soaked the dried chilies in boiling water for 30 minutes and then Brittany cut them and mixed them with onion, garlic to make a sauce.
We precooked the chicken and Brittany shredded it.
Then she started cooking the chicken with chilies for the chicken flautas.
While the meat was simmering, she started warming up the corn tortillas.
We wrapped the chicken mix inside the tortillas and deep fried them in lard.
Mmmm! They are looking wonderful!
I am so happy to have my helpers!
The next item we attempted was Picadillo-Stuffed Chilies, but we had a MAJOR problem!
We did like the instructions told us, but we burnt our chillies. They shriveled up to nothing.
We tried to salvage them, but they just fell apart.
They were supposed to be strong and firm so we could split them open and stuff them with meat like the picture above.
Then we were supposed to coat them in masa and deep fry them, but we had to scratch the idea. Oh well, at least two out of the three things we were making turned out!
Look at this spread!!! We made quite the meal! Rachelle was not able to join us to help us cook, but she came over for the meal. I love my girls!
The food turned out so pretty! It smells great too! I can't wait to try it!
The rest of the family arrived and we had a feast.
We were watching a movie that night, so we brought in the extra chairs and we all ate together while watching the movie.
Well, the verdict is in....we got rave reviews from the family! They all loved everything!
This was such a fun day! I am so blessed with these girls in my life. We all loved it and we want to plan another foreign meal, perhaps French, Italian or Chinese! Whatever we choose, I'm sure it will be a fun adventure for all of us! 

"Oh, give thanks to the Lord, for He is good! For His mercy endures forever!"

Hugs, Sharon


flo said...

Yes, yes !! a french meal lol ! try a french meal... I'm sure it will be wonderful ! I can give you some advices if you want....

Thank you for your comment on my blog, Sharon ! I tried to answer you with a mail, but it didn't work !
I don't know how to have a private speech with you, it's difficult.... perhaps you can "contactez l'auteur" (just on the top of my cooking blog, on the left)... so I will be able to answer you with my mail adress....

What a great post you wrote ! hummm ! mexican meal !!! I love ! and what adorable were your helps ....

Have a good afternoon

Anonymous said...

Lardy lardy lardy !! lol Everything looked fantastic Sharon .I love that you just jump in and try all these recipes , you certainly have the guys that are willing to try everything out . A lovely french meal would be great too. I love Laura Calders frenchified way of doing things. You might like it too. Donna

Anna said...

Oh everything looked scrumptious. Wish I could do this with my dau in laws but all of them are such very picky eaters and refuse to try things you cook. In fact of the three none of them like to cook so this is out of the question.

Maybe just maybe as my dau gets older I can do this with her.

Thanks for sharing your blessing it was great.


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