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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Basketball season....

 We've had an interesting time this year watching our son play varsity basketball. Here's a great shot of him in our local newspaper making a great lay-in.
This season was bittersweet for Hayden, Eric and I for a couple of reasons.
The first is that at the beginning of the season Hayden was not playing that much and it was not very much fun for him. (click here to read more about it). 
The second reason is that this is the last time we will be watching any of our kids playing basketball. We've been watching our boys basketball games for about 15 years and it will be over forever. Eric and I went to almost every single one of his games; we only missed a couple that were 2 hours away. We have always watched all of our boys doing their sports or other performances.
Hayden is a good basketball player and he's fun to watch.
At the beginning of the season he didn't play that much, but towards the second half of the season he started playing him more.
My husband's sister, Stacey and her husband, Jim came to watch a game.
Looking back on the season, it was difficult to go to a game and only see him play for 5 minutes, but we encouraged him to hang in there.
His attitude was really amazing. He told us that he feels like God is preparing him for something else later in life. I'm so proud of his attitude!
He went to every practice, he talked with his coach and he hung in there.
Here's all the guys after a huge win!
Mackenzie, Brittany, Eric and his father.
Brittany and I.
Hayden being the "chest bumper" at the beginning of the game.
It's fun watching the games with the family.
There are a lot of things about basketball games that I will miss. The cheerleaders are fun to watch.
Here's Hayden throwing the ball back in.
Dribbling down the court.
He just made a fast break and got a great lay-in!
Free throw!
Well, now it's senior night, and I can't believe it's already here. This is the last home game of the season and the parents of each senior player honors them with balloons and candy before the game. I was kind of sad when I bought his stuff at the store.
This is the last time we will walk down these halls for a game.
Lots of good times and memories.
Everyone in town is there and we see many of our friends.
Jim and Alice came to this last game.
Cameron came too.
And so did Grayson.
I am so happy that my mother-n-law got to come to the game. She has always supported all of our kids games and events. Even though she's in a wheelchair now, the boys helped her into the stands and she enjoyed the game.
They called Eric and I and Hayden down to the gym floor where we presented him with his balloons and candy. He wrote a sweet tribute to us and they read it over the loud speaker. For his goals he said that he was going to go to college, get a job, get married and have kids and then probably move out of Mom and Dad's house! haha! Everyone cracked up!
We're proud of him!
There was four senior boys on the team who were honored. It was fun.
Hayden got to be a starter for Senior Night.
It was really fun to watch him.
Wow, he can jump high!
He had another great game.
Woot-woo! Nice basket Hayden!
After the game Hayden came over to say high to everyone.
I love these pictures of true emotion when he sees his grandma. I also love this because you see Cameron, Grayson and Eric all helping her so she wont fall. It's so loving and sweet.
Grandpa was happy too.
I love these pictures.
I'm so proud of my son!
I got a picture of him with his buddies, Taylor and Aaron.
They've all been friends since kindergarten!
Hayden's so funny, in the first pictures he was up on his tippy toes! They are a few inches taller than him! haha!
Taylor and Hayden checking out their candy.
Here's the same photo I showed in the beginning of this post of Hayden in the newspaper, but I got this one of their website. I just love this picture!

So, basketball is over....or is it??? The regular season is over, but I have big news to share tomorrow!

"Therefore, my beloved brethren, be steadfast, immovable." I Corinthians 15:58 

Hugs, Sharon

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Anonymous said...

Basketball will never be over for you Sharon , there are so many good things to come . Hayden will go to college on a scholarship his life will take some fortuitous zigs and zags along the way , he will get a teaching degree and end up coaching his own award winning basketball team . Cant wait for tomorrows post ! Donna

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