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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Special delivery....

I got this text last week when I was at work. Of course, being a mother, this message immediately made me think that something was wrong and my son needed to talk. I replied back that I was at work and simply asked why he was asking.
And this was his delightful reply!
And then I got this nice message! :0)
"I've got a special delivery coffee for a Miss Sharon May".... haha! That's the sweetest face I've seen all day! He was on his way to for a weekend in Seattle and he came to town to get his tires rotated, so he stopped in to visit with me.
We went to the employee break room and talked for about twenty minutes and sipped coffee. It was so nice to catch up with him. What a fun surprise this was. I am so blessed! I love that boy! 

"Sons are a heritage from the Lord." Psalm 127:3a

Hugs, Sharon

1 comment:

Mardell said...

Awww, that is so sweet! My son recently moved out and it's been lonely. He does visit on Sundays though (for me to do his laundry. Ha ha.) He gives me 5 dollars and we have a nice visit. Maybe I need to have a talk with him about the coffee...hmmm?

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