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Monday, January 23, 2012

I don't wanna go....

 Ugh! It's 5:25 am and 31 degrees outside. I set my alarm to get up and go on my walk with my neighbor, Shelley.
 I quietly got dressed  in the bedroom as my husband lay sleeping and brought my tennis shoes out to the family room with me.
 I turned on all the cozy lights and grabbed a cup of coffee.
 I curled up on the couch and turned on my little space heater.
 I grabbed my new devotional book, "Jesus Calling"
 I was happy to have the great company of my kitty, MacGyver!
 This is so nice!
I love spending time with the Lord in the morning and being all snuggy with my kitty, I really don't feel like going outside and walking in 31 degree weather!
Uh-oh, I need a refill on my coffee.....
 ....oh man, look at the time, I've only got 9 minutes left.
I will enjoy every one of those 9 minutes.
Don't get me wrong, I enjoy walking with Shelley and I love getting my exercise. As a bonus, we both consider these walks as our therapy sessions as well! We have had many a good conversation over the years.
This has been a very good plan of ours because we have stuck to it for 4 years now!
We walk three miles, which takes us about an hour three days a week.
It's a good thing we do, I just don't feel like going out there in that cold, cold weather.
I wish I could stay here all morning, I wonder what time it is now....
 ....oh man! It's 6:00!'s time to call Shelley and tell her I'm on my way down to her house.
 Oh how I wish that she'd tell me she doesn't want to go. It's just so cold outside and it's so early and I'm all warm and cozy here. I really don't want to go.  Wouldn't it be nice if she'd say that she accidentally slept in or that she just doesn't want to go.....
 ....but not today. She answered her phone quickly and said she's ready to go. I told her I'd be right down. Okay, okay, I will pull up my bootstraps and get out there and brave the weather.
I quickly brush my teeth and put lotion on my face and then head out the door to brave the weather. Poor kitty has to go outside too, he's been in all night.
Brrrr! Jack Frost came and there's a fine dusting of frost on everything.
I'm all bundled up with several layers of clothing, my coat, scarf, hat and gloves.
The air is so cold on my face as I walk down to the corner to meet Shelley.
Oh look, it's a full moon! Isn't it beautiful!
There's Shelley! It's funny because after we said our good mornings, she said, "I really didn't want to go this morning" and I said "Me too!" and we laughed.
We both talked about how hard it is to get out of bed on these cold, dark wintry mornings and go outside to walk.
But we are also so thankful that we have each other as accountability partners! If I didn't have a partner, I know I would not get out and walk, there would be so many days that I wouldn't go if it were not for Shelley. We are glad that we know the other person is counting on it and that makes us go. Because once we are out there and get our exercise done, it feels so good!
I'm back!
I love this part!
Home sweet home!
I was gone for an hour, got my exercise done and had a nice talk with my neighbor. Now I get to have another cup of coffee and then hit the showers and get ready for work. 

I didn't want to go, but I'm glad I did!

"What doth the Lord thy God require of thee, but to fear the Lord thy God, to walk in all His ways, and to love Him, and to serve the Lord thy God with all thy heart and with all thy soul." Deuteronomy 10:12

Hugs, Sharon


Mardell said...

Good for you, Sharon! Your temps are almost considered a "heat wave" for us. We've been in the teens. You know it's cold when your nostrils stick together! I love walking first thing in the morning. It really gets your blood flowing.

Hope you have a great week!

PS: Love how you take so many pictures (every little detail!)

Sue said...

Oh How I relate to this post! Sharon Isn't Jesus Calling the best devotional book,I was given one some weeks ago, and it is wonderful. Thanks for sharing.

flo said...

I have discovered your blog thanks to Ruthie's blog and I fell in love with it !
You seem to be a so sweety woman and have a so wonderful family !
I'm french and love when you say that you like french romantic decorations.....
It's very interesting to know how american women's life is...
If you like, we could share about our countries...
Have a very good day and like you say : voilà!
Florence from south of France

Ps : sorry for my bad english !

Bree said...

Sharon, I admire your dedication! You start your day the best way possible ~ spending time with the Lord AND getting your exercise out of the way! I will think of you when I hit my snooze button :) !!

jAne said...

love the photo montage of your morning, sharon. your kitty is precious. i've heard of that devo book, are you enjoying it? recommend it? i'm walking 2 miles a day now, with evelyn my new pooch. needful .. for her, yes, but also very much needed for ME. :o)

Kathi said...

Sharon, You are my hero!! I love your spirit and your honesty. I'm so much this way too. Good for you for walking. I love you, Kathi

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