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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Bouncing around with the game of basketball.....

Basketball season started a few weeks ago. Hayden is on the varsity team at the high school. He's #3 standing there.
He's good at basketball, but his main sport is football. Basketball is a fun thing for him to do and a great way for him to stay in shape for track. Anyway, he's not a starter and that's okay, we knew that and it's fine. He's got great school spirit and he likes to be the guy that the starters chest bump when they call out their names.
He's a really funny guy and cracks the rest of the team up.
It's hard to tell in this picture, but you can see the whole team there huddled together after they call out the starters name. Hayden is squatting down and marking the gym floor with his finger all crazy-like as if he's the coach telling the guys what play they will be doing. I just cracked up when I saw this!
So we're sitting there watching the first game and Hayden finally went in during the second quarter.
He was in for two minutes.
In that time he tried to shoot a 3 pointer and was fouled. So he went to the free throw line.
He missed one and he got one.
He played a bit more and then coach called him out. We were shocked and saddened to see that he was never put back in. The next game we went to he only was in for 30 seconds.
Then they had an away game that we could not attend and he sat on the bench the WHOLE game! He did not get one second of playing time! We could not believe this. It was so maddening because he's a good athlete and we could not understand why they were not using him.

What has been hard is knowing that he has played since he was in second grade and he's a good player. Maybe he's not a starter, but he is good and he should be playing at least a quarter a game. Last year he was one of the captains of the JV team and he started every game and played most of the game every game. He often times got at least 10 points and one game he even got 17 points. This was hard to understand.
We paid $125.00 for him to play and bought him $80.00 shoes. It did not seem right. He wanted to quit. Two of the other guys that this happened to did quit. We told him that we are not quitters and he made a commitment and he must hang in there. We prayed about it and told him to work very hard and to trust God that things would work out. Sometimes situations like this are so good for character building.
In the meantime, he got good advice from his football coach who reminded him that he got to be a football star while other guys on the team watched on the sidelines supporting him and now it's his turn to support other guys. Hayden decided he would stick with it.

Hayden is not cocky, he is actually very humble, so I do not feel that this was a lesson he needed to learn in that department, I feel that the lesson was probably just to go to the Lord in prayer when things are not going well and to hang in there and God would work it out.
Well, the next game he got to play a quarter and he did excellent.
After the game his coach told him he did really well!
Then at the next couple of games he got to play about half the game!
God answered our prayers! They had an "away" game that was at a school that was two hours away and we could not go to it because of our work schedules. Hayden had his best game of the season with 14 points! He was the second highest scoring guy on the team that night! We were sorry we missed it!
I realize that this is a very small thing compared to the real problems of the world such as hunger, cancer, financial concerns, etc. but God does tell us in His word that he wants us to come to Him in all things.
And I really think that at moments like these, it's good for our young people to see the Lord answer prayers.
Truthfully, I think it was me more than Hayden that needed to learn to lean on the Lord and trust him.
This past Friday we went to his game and it was fun.
No, he doesn't start and....
...he sits on the bench for the first few minutes, but...
...they put him in about 6 minutes into the game as a spark plug to get things moving!
His talent is not shooting, but he's really good at moving the ball.
He's very quick.
And he's also aggressive.
I would say that his best gift on the court is defense.  He's really quick and aggressive and that boy can jump!
Now when he's on the bench a lot of times it's during a time-out and the guys playing get to sit so they can rest.
I'm so thankful that God was so faithful to Hayden.
He doesn't play the whole game....
....but he plays a fair amount AND he's having fun! That's all we were asking. God is so good!
Now I feel like I can just sit back and enjoy the game and watch my son, not worrying about how much he's playing.
The icing on the cake....we won 70 to 40! Woot woo! Please come back tomorrow and I will share you a very sad and tragic story from last year's basketball season. 

"Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God." Philippians 4:6

Hugs, Sharon

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