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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Anchor's aweigh!

It seems that there's always something cooking here at Rose of Sharon Garden, but it's not always what you think! Let's get a closer look to see what Eric's cooking up!
Well, uhmm, I don't think we will be eating this!
He's actually melting down lead because he's making an anchor for his boat!
He gets these buckets of old lead from the local tire store. These are old weights that they take off of tires. They don't use them for anything, so they are happy to give them to Eric for free!
He goes through the bucket and selects the pieces he wants to melt down.
There are other scrap metals in the buckets that he can't use, so he has to go through each piece.
He then throws the lead pieces in the little triangular pot that he has dangling over a propane heater.
He has to be very careful so as not to get burned.
He made this triangle mold out of iron.
This is the shape that the anchor will be.
He keeps a close eye on it stirring it often.
The lead melts very quickly.
He sifts through the melted lead... find the impure pieces and....
.....he scoops them out with this big iron spoon.
He continues to sift through the melted lead until all the impurities are out. Once he has done that he turns off the heat and lets it harden.
When it starts to thicken he inserts this curved piece of iron which will be the handle that the anchor rope will go through.
 He has to balance it with this contraption he made.
After about a half hour it's cooled down enough that he can remove the anchor from the mold.
He encourages it a little with some tapping of the hammer.
It's loosening up and....'s coming free.
It's still really hot and he carefully pulls it all the way out of the mold and....
....then he sets it on the driveway to finish cooling down.
It's done! Pretty nifty huh!
He ended up making five today. He made three large ones and two smaller ones. Since boating and fishing are such an important part of our life, it's imperative that he has plenty of anchors. Sometimes they get caught up in debris on the bottom of the river and he loses them, so he likes to have extra ones. I'm so proud of my clever husband!

"This hope is a strong and trustworthy anchor for our souls. It leads us through the curtain into God's inner sanctuary."  Hebrews 6:19

Hugs, Sharon


jAne said...

great tutorial. i'll show rocky later today. :o)

my father was a dyecaster (?) for johnson moters in chicago for many years. he'd come home with burns through his steel-toe'd boots and on his arms/hands. those were the days when strong safety rules *weren't* in place.

Mardell said...

That is SO cool! You have a very clever husband, Sharon. Uuum, yea, that's NOT what's for dinner tonight!

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