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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Memorial Day Camping, Day 2

Good morning world! We made it through the night and nobody froze! It looks like my hair survived too and I can probably get away with it for one more day without wearing a hat! haha!
I looked out the camper window and saw Eric and Colin out in front of the morning fire keeping warm.
We made breakfast burritos for the whole gang. Here's Amy and Caden enjoying theirs.
My darling husband all bundled up.
Nap time!
Cameron did a little wood burning on the firewood. Pretty creative huh!
Oh my goodness, it is so windy and cold. The wind is causing the smoke to get caught behind the tarps and it's burning our eyes. The boys decided to put up more tarps.
We like to give our camp trips names so we remember them. This year's camp was aptly named, "Camp Windy Tarp". It doesn't look pretty, but it works. We had a lot of fun poking jokes at ourselves saying we're extremists with our own compound, etc.
The boys broke out their cigars for a little brother bonding time.
Grayson sitting back and relaxing.
Grayson and Rachele.
Time to start making dinner. Tomorrow is Cameron's 25th birthday, but because we would be packing up camp and heading home, we decided to celebrate his birthday today. The girls are helping me make his birthday dinner and cake.
Mackenzie came into the camper and showed us what he whittled for little Caden, it's a little baseball bat!
We were going to have barbecued chicken for Cameron's dinner, but disaster struck and we discovered that half of the chicken was spoiled. Thankfully we had a box of corn dogs in the freezer and a bunch of hot dogs! So here's Eric barbecuing them. Look at the wind blow the tarp in!
Compound, sweet compound!
I brought the "You are Special Today" birthday plate for Cameron to eat off of!
Because it's Cameron's birthday he got a piece of the chicken!
Happy birthday to you!!!! I made him a delicious chocolate, caramel, whipped cream cake! Yummy!
Make a wish!!!
Time to open gifts!
Everyone was so generous and thoughtful!
Eric stoking the fire!
Time to eat the cake!!!
Hayden whittling around the fire.
Another beautiful campfire!
This is my favorite part of camping, the whole family sitting around the campfire telling stories!
Hayden enjoying the evening. It's late and I'm hitting the sack. Goodnight everyone! Sleep tight!
Oh my goodness! Look at my hair! When I woke up and looked in the mirror, this is what I saw! Can you believe it!?!
I have never in my life, ever, ever woke up with hair this messy!
I must have had some nightmare! Haha! I think it's because I wore my stocking cap to bed and it worked its way off in the night. Crazy!!!
It's all quiet out there, everyone is still snuggy in their tents!
Hey, there's Grayson. He slept in the back of his Jeep and it looks like Mr. Caden has come to wish him good morning!
Mackenzie took Caden over to Cameron's truck.
What do you see Caden?
Why it's Cameron still sleeping! Time to wake up Cameron!
Brittany helping with breakfast!
Rachelle and Amy helping too!
We made egg McMuffin's for breakfast. They were delicious!
Well, it's time to start loading up and head for home.
Caden is waiting in the truck while we pack up. He was having fun!
Camp Windy Tarp, we are leaving you the way we found you and frankly, we are ready to go home after being so cold!
Me and my honey!
Mackenzie and Brittany!
Colin, Amy and Caden.
My four hoodlums, oops, I mean my four sons!
Actually, it's my four AMAZING sons and our awesome dog, Blondie!
Here's the whole gang. Despite the cold weather, we had a great time!!! Many fun memories were made and I always feel so close to all of them when we get back. Camping is such a great family thing to do!!!

"The Lord will keep you from all harm, He will watch over your coming and going both now and forevermore." Psalm 121:7-8

Hugs, Sharon

Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day Camping! Part I

Eric and I and our family went camping at one of Oregon's beautiful high lakes called Odell Lake. Mackenzie's childhood friend, Colin, his wife Amy and their little boy, Caden joined us. As we were all packed up and headed up to the mountains and it started raining, I couldn't help but think, I hope this will be fun.
Then as we kept climbing the mountains it started snowing and I couldn't help but think..."What are we thinking???"
But when we made our campsite reservation, the camp host kept saying that there was no snow on the ground at Odell and they rarely get rain. We couldn't believe it, but when we got to the lodge to check in, we realized he was right! There was no snow and no rain!
So we found our new little home for the weekend and we set up camp! What the man failed to tell us is that it is really windy here and very, very, very cold!
We made up our tent city as soon as we could. Here's Mackenzie and Brittany setting up their home with little Caden watching.
Busy, busy!
Hayden making his house.
Grayson holding Caden. Caden is sooo cute and sweet! Every time I turned around one of my boys was playing with him, he's adorable!
Cameron making up his new home. His is a bit unusual.
He decided to sleep in the back of his pickup with a tarp over it. It just seems like it would be so cold to me, but he said it's the same idea as a tent and he's right.
Little mister sitting in a tiny chair that I bought just for him for camping!
Now that we've set up camp, it's time for lunch! Here's Hayden making a sandwich.
We were all so hungry, lunch was good!
Oh boy, it surely was cold. The boys immediately made a fire to warm us.
You can't tell that it's cold by these pictures because the sun is shinning, but it was very, very cold,  almost unbearable, especially for us girls.
Eric and I feeling so blessed with our big family!
Mackenzie and Brittany.
Our campsite was not the prettiest! haha! Eric and the boys tied tarps to the trees to break the cold wind. It was very windy and cold!
Time for some hot cocoa!
Do you like my new outdoorsy mugs? All throughout last year I was on the hunt for outdoorsy looking mugs with fish, deer, ducks, etc on them just for the camper. They make the cocoa and coffee taste better! hee hee!
Colin gave the boys a new fun idea. He attached a big industrial strength strap to two trees.
Then they walked across it like the man walking on the high wire! Although they had a little help from their friends!
Then they got smart and added one on the top to hold onto!
Cameron's trying to do it with coffee in his hand! haha!
Grayson showing off his talents!
All of us girls went inside, we were just too cold. It was really fun though, just hanging out and talking.
Pretty soon everybody was in there! Cozy!
Caden liked looking through this little window!
He saw Grayson and Blondie out there!
Okay, so now we've added pop up tents to our compound!
I love this picture of Mackenzie and Brittany.
Grayson and Rachelle.
Colin, Amy and Caden. This was their first camping trip as a family and they're having a blast!
Eric barbecuing with his eyes closed!
Mmmm! Dinner time!!
Hamburgers, pasta salad and fruit salad. Delicious!
Brittany with her full plate.
Eric finally gets to sit down to eat after cooking all those burgers!
Happy camper, Cameron.
Mackenzie fire walking. Cameron doesn't look too impressed, Mackenzie does this kind of wacky thing all the time! haha!
I took this picture so you can see how strong the wind was. Can you see the tarp that we tied there at the right of the picture? It is totally blowing in towards our campfire area. The tarps really helped block the wind and keep us a bit warmer.
Cameron and Hayden playing cribbage.
Hayden showing Dad what a good hand he has!
Mmmm! Time for smores!
Me enjoying my smore!
Cozy fire!
Brittany and I around the campfire. Those are actually snow flakes! It snowed on us every once in awhile, but it never stuck, thank goodness!!!
Cameron has cabin fever!
Whittling around the fire. It was so cute because the boys gave Caden two sticks and he mimicked them whittling. Well, it's dark and it's late and it's time for bed. I hope we all stay warm tonight!

"May God be gracious to us and bless us and make His face shine on us." Psalm 67:1

Hugs, Sharon
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