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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Spring break with Kathi....

It's Spring break and a tradition of mine for many years has been to pack up all the kids and go visit my sister and her family.
So, naturally, that is what I did this year, but sadly, boo-hoo, I am all alone. The older three boys are all grown up and two of them have moved out and Grayson works full time, so it's just Hayden that could have gone with me, but he had to work.
But, I decided to go to Kathi's anyway and I had a blast! When I got to their farm, she had a delicious meal waiting for me of pasta, fresh veggies and garlic bread!
Then we went into her secret lair! haha!
Its not really secret, but it is awesome!!!
It's a little closet nook that she turned into her office. She calls it her "Mom Cave" instead of "Man Cave" haha!
We had so much fun looking at all of her fantastic vintage cookbooks!
I was drooling!
We both love, love, love vintage cookbooks. We actually think we have a little bit of a sickness!
We have so much fun thumbing through them and looking at the old pictures and recipes.
She's got some amazing books that I'd love to find one day at a thrift store. I love this one called Clementine in the Kitchen. Isn't the jacket adorable!
Here's a really cute one that's illustrated by Tasha Tudor!
I love her mom cave!!!
I also love this shelf that she has hanging in the her hallway going into the dining room.
This sign is so adorable!
We were just hanging around talking when Kathi's daughter, Victoria and her boyfriend walked in. Aren't they cute together!
After we were settled in a bit I gave Kathi her birthday gifts. I found her a bunch of small things including a couple of Desert Rose dishes, a bottle of wine and a couple of cookbooks.
Note to self: Don't leave camera unattended at Kathi's! Haha! Victoria got hold of it and when I got back home and uploaded my photos I found these funny pictures...Braces!
"Sad Face"
"Happy couple"
When I came downstairs the next morning Kathi was busy at the stove cooking.
She made delicious pancakes with fresh strawberry sauce! Yummm!
Stacey and Victoria are enjoying their's!
Later Kathi and her other daughter, Jessica and I went thrifting and out to lunch.
We had a good lunch at Quiznos.
Thrifting is always so much fun and it's our tradition! Check out my fabo toil pillow!!! Love!!!
It's fun because Jessica likes to thrift too!
On the way home Kathi wanted to show me this darling house.
Oh my goodness! I"m in love!
It's adorable with the green paint and red roof. I love all the roof lines, it looks like it's out of a fairytale!
So even though this was the first time I stayed with Kathi during Spring break without any kids, I still had a ton of fun. I love my sister. Every time I leave her house I feel inspired and energized!

" And we know that all things work together for good, for them that love God and are called according to His purpose." Romans 8:28

Hugs, Sharon

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

No more bouncing around....

Oh my gosh! Look what happened to our trampoline!
I saw it happen too and it was frightful!
Hayden and his buddy, Daniel, were out there jumping on it after school. I was sitting in the house at my computer and I just glanced out as Dan jumped real high and when he landed, the edge gave way and crashed down.
I was in shock and so were Hayden and Dan! Thankfully, neither one of them got hurt, especially Dan, since it broke on his side. He kind of just gradually landed to the ground on top of the tramp mesh. He was very close to landing on this exposed post.
Oh my word! The "what if's" keep coming to my mind!
When I showed these pictures to my sister, her reaction was horror and she said, just one day ago at Mackenzie's graduation party there were tons of kids playing on that and she remembers in particular Grayson doing really high back flips on it!
I am so thankful that God was protecting all the kids.
This could have been really bad.
The outer edge metal loop just gave way. It's probably because it has had several years of use and being exposed to extreme weather, rain, sun and snow.
The tramp has been such a fun thing for our family and we are sad to see it go. The kids are too old to get another one, so that's it for us. I'm just thankful we never had an injury with it and I'm so grateful that when it broke nobody got hurt. 

"For He will order His angels to protect you wherever you go." Psalm 91:11

Hugs, Sharon

Monday, March 28, 2011

Mackenzie's college graduation party!

I would like to wish my son, Mackenzie, congratulations on graduating from the University of Oregon!
He received a Bachelors of Science in Digital Arts. He also obtained two Associates Degrees from Lane Community College in Multimedia Design and also an AAOT. He has worked so very hard and definitely deserved a party!
His beautiful wife, Brittany, made this wonderful banner. She went to Ben Franklin Crafts and used their dye-cute machine. She, of course. used the school colors, green and yellow and found this awesome UofO paper to make the banner!
Brittany also ordered this gorgeous cake! It was soooo good too! It was chocolate with peanut-butter filling!
We had fun decorating the table together. I used a green tablecloth. I had a hard time finding a yellow table runner, so I was thrilled when I found this yellow window valance! I just washed it and pressed it and it worked perfectly as a runner!
Brittany made yellow punch with green limes floating in it! It was really delicious and was color coordinated! :0)
Brittany also brought these two apothecary jars and filled them with Mackenzie's favorite candies, one with sour strips and the other with lemon drops. They were both a huge hit, especially with the kids!
Here's the happy couple! They have been married for a little over two years now and both are students. He graduated early in March and she will graduate in May. They are ready to be done with school and move on with their lives!
We hung another congratulations sign and laid out his old scrap book filled with pictures of his whole life up until the age 18.
Brittany and I went a little overboard with trying to make the colors match, but it was so fun! She got green grapes and yellow pineapple. We looked through my cabinets and pulled out anything yellow or green!
I picked up yellow and green paper plates, utensils, napkins and cups.
Everything looked so cute!
We served finger foods and Eric barbecued yummy chicken wings. It was very festive and fun!
We work great together! We are also very proud of the same guy, Mackenzie!
Well, every thing's ready! Now we're waiting for guests to arrive. This is what they saw when they got to the house. We had some fun green and yellow balloons and a congratulations banner on the front door.
Here's Mackenzie's cousins, Jessica, Victoria and Harrison and Harrison's girlfriend, Niki sitting with Cameron.
Eric talking with my sister, Kathi's, husband, Stacey.
My sister Kelli with our wonderful aunt, Aunt Josephine.
Brittany with her friend Rochelle with her baby girl, Emy.
Mackenzie visiting with friends.
Ralph, Grayson and Rachelle.
Sisters! Sharon, Kelli and Kathi. We call this the magic spot in my house. Most photos turn out really good that are taken here. Hee hee!
Mackenzie with his grandpa Jim and Grandma Alice.
Mackenzie and Cameron, actually, you can see Grayson there in the background through the window!
Stacey, Victoria and Hayden snacking.
Aunt Jo, Kelli and Kathi.
Cameron talking with Grandma Alice.
Mackenzie and his friend, Dan. Dan brought Kenzie Taco's an inside joke.
My lovely mother-in-law Alice and me.
We had a houseful!
Mackenzie is blessed with many friends who love him!
So many of their friends have babies! It was soooo much fun to hear the pitter-patter of little feet in our house again! :0)
Mackenzie with his boss John and John's girl, Sally with a little neighbor girl. John is the owner of the drum shop where Mackenzie has been making drum sets for the past 9 years!
Lots of family and friends!
Stacey and Hayden.
We had a great time!
Grayson and Rachelle with Grandma Alice.
After everyone left Mackenzie opened his cards and gifts. People were so thoughtful and generous! Brittany gave him a special gift...she had their CDs framed! They turned out so cool! 

I am so proud of my son. He set a goal and he worked hard to get it and he ended up with three degrees!

"For I know the plans I have for you," declares the Lord, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." Jeremiah 29:11

Love, Sharon
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