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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Our Christmas Party!

The lanterns are lit...
...the candles are glowing...
....everything's ready for....
....our friends to start showing!
It's time for our big Christmas party that we throw every year for our good friends.
Eric and I have been working like crazy to get the house all cleaned and decorated! It is so nice to do this because we work hard, but once it's all done, it's all done for all of our parties and gatherings for the season and we get to sit back and enjoy it all!
I served a few snacks and asked each couple to bring a tray of appetizers. We also provided the beverages.
We had a house full!!!
We had 39 people here this year!
It was fun to have my kids show up! Here's Mackenzie and Brittany and Cameron. Grayson also came and Hayden made a quick appearance after work to grab a bite to eat.
Nicole, Kim, Kim, Elena and Theresa are having a great time catching up.
Makana, Lisa and Ron are visiting near the fire.
Lisa and Cass.
Time for the white elephant gift exchange!
Everyone crammed in our little living room! We had people everywhere!
Kim, Kim and Cass.
Eric gave a beautiful Christmas toast about good friends and the blessing of living in a small town!
Elaina started us off.
Shelby got a Desperate Housewives Dirty Laundry game.
I wonder what Mackenzie will get, will it be a good one or a stinker?
I think Makana got something pretty funny!
Brittany looks happy to get what she got!
Dr. Phil always makes an apperance! haha! This goes way back to when my son, Grayson and three other buddies got on the Dr. Phil show for mattress surfing about 5 years ago.
What's a white elephant exchange without the talking fish? hahaha!
Chris is being very careful!
Guy's sporting a Popeye snuggy! haha!
Me with my good friends! We call ourselves the Fab Four. We've been friends since our sons were in kindergarten back in 1995!
Mackenzie and Brittany. We've outgrown the house, so last year we decided to clean up the garage and heat it and move the beverage area out there. It works out great and seems to be the hang out place!
Guy and David.
All the pretty moms!
We were having so much fun!
What a wonderful party we had! Everyone had so much fun! We laughed so hard and just had a ball. People stayed until about 2:00am!
Yes, a big mess was left, but I got it all cleaned up the next morning in about an hour, but..... the process, I found all of these white elephant gifts that belonged to our friends hidden around our home! I laughed so hard! And I thought these people were my friends! How could they do such a things??? lol It's all good though....
....I will just remember the special magic of the night!

"Eat, drink and be merry." Luke 12:19

Hugs, Sharon

1 comment:

jAne said...

wow what a bash!
looks like so much fun.
love your fireplace hearth,
that's where i'd claim my
little spot in your world.
and the vintage tv antenae (sp?)
is my favorite white elephant gift.
it's awesome!!!

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