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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Navy, Knott's and Nieces!

The next day of our trip we got up early and headed down to San Diego. We met Mike and Rhochelle's son, Brian, at his apartment and then we all drove to the US Naval base.
Brian is an officer in the Navy. We are so proud of him! He signed up for the ROTC program and just finished college. Now he is serving his time in the Navy as an officer. I am so thankful to him and to every one of the sailors on this ship for serving and protecting our country!
He was able to give us a private tour of the ship that he is on.
I was unable to get a picture of the ship we were on, but this one is identical to it. It's a destroyer ship.
All the guys enjoying the tour.
Brian gave us a very involved tour of most of the ship.
Many times we had to go through these little doors two or three people at a time. These led to a small chamber and we were not allowed to open the next door until the first door was shut. Then we filed out and the next group of people came through.
We climbed and descended many staircases like this.
These are Brian's sleeping quarters. He has the top bunk. He says it's a tight squeeze, but he's comfortable enough.
Going down more stairs.
Brian is in charge of the kitchen and all it's crew. This is the dinning room for all of the sailors.
Next we got to see the bridge of the ship, which was so amazing. Here's Hayden sitting in the captain's chair!
There are so many interesting things to see and hear about.
Brian stands in the very middle of the ship and actually drives it! This is the window that he looks out of. I am so proud of him!
I'm having a little fun.
Mike is having a little fun on the important red phone! Who knows, he could be talking to the president!
You can see one of the missile launchers there in the back of this photo. It was pretty impressive!
Grayson and Hayden checking things out.
My boys!
Hayden. Who knows, he could end up being a sailor too one day!
Eric and Mike having fun. We had a great tour and were so grateful to Brian for spending his day off showing us the ship.
After the tour we went to a really fun restaurant called Hodad's where we ate fabulous hamburgers!
Later that night Eric and Mike went golfing (yes, at night on a lighted course) and Grayson and Hayden went shopping, so Rhochelle and I went downtown where there was a little street fair. It was so fun and at almost every corner there was a live band playing. This was a teen band playing and they were so good. They are called Sweet Mojo. Who knows, maybe they'll make it big!!! Rhochelle and I had a nice dinner at this restaurant.
The next morning Eric, Grayson, Hayden and I hit the road early with a picnic lunch and we went to Knot's Berry Farm! This is one of our favorite places in the world!
We were really disappointed though this year... was soooo crowded. :0(  We go to these places off season for a beat the crowds and we timed it wrong this year. We went the day before Thanksgiving and the kids didn't have school, so it was packed.
The boys had to wait about 45 minutes for each ride. It was such a bummer. They still had fun though.
There is something so fun and magical about theme parks!
They went on this crazy ride called the Xcelerator. There was no way that Eric and I were going on it, so we decided to take a more mellow ride.....
....we went on the log ride.
This is one of our favorite rides.
It was all decorated up for Christmas and it was so cute!!!
Now the boys are going on the Supreme Scream!
They are going straight to the top of this 312 tower....
they are up over 30 stories high and then.... 3 seconds they drop all the way back down to the bottom! It's crazy, but they love it!
After that we all went on the log ride together.
Even though it was crowded, we still had a nice time together.
The food is so expensive. Grayson paid $10.00 for this drink. That's why we brought our lunch. But we still had to pay, we put it in a locker which cost $10.00 to rent!
What's Knott's Berry Farm without having a funnel cake? They are sooo delicious!
The boys went on this gihugic swing.
It doesn't look like much here, but it goes crazy high. They love it, but there is no way that I could ever do it!
Photo courtesy of Google Images
We could not leave the park until we went on this bad boy! It's called the GhostRider and it's an extreme wooden roller coaster. It's the longest wooden coaster on the West Coast. It is wild and crazy and has a 108-foot drop! We got in line and this is what we found.....
a huge long line. It was such a bummer. We decided we had no choice, we really wanted to go on the ride, so we waited. We finally worked our way through this large crowd and I snapped this picture as we were finally going up the stairs, but when we got to the top of the stairs and turned the corner, we were so disappointed because there was another crowd just as big as this one waiting in line up there. It took us an hour to get through, but it was worth it, that ride is soooo scary and soooo fun!
The boys were having a great time.
It was fun for all of us.
Now it's getting dark and time to go home.
I always get so sad when it ends. I was especially sad this time because I really don't think we will ever go back because our kids are all grown. Sniff...sniff.
Later that night we had an extra special treat! My three beautiful nieces, Jade, Alex and Drew came over for a visit! They were in town to have Thanksgiving with their mom who lives just twenty minutes away! They have always lived in California and we just don't get to see them that often, so this was really special!
I was so happy to see them! They are all so beautiful, smart and funny!
Grayson and Hayden and the three girls went to Disneyland's "Downtown Disney" together. I was so happy that they got to hang out and have fun with each other. 

We had another great day on our trip! Tomorrow we will have a California Thanksgiving!

"I will praise the name of God with song, and shall magnify Him with thanksgiving." Psalm 69:30

Hugs, Sharon

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Mardell said...

Hi Sharon,
Gosh, you must have been exhausted when you got home! What an amazing trip. Loved seeing the pictures of the ship. The weather looked gorgeous. Bummer about the crowds at the Berry Farm. I rode a wooden roller coaster one time in Canada and I thought I'd die. Never again! LOL And I was only 20 yrs. old. I don't know how they ever talked me into it. Prices are crazy at those theme parks aren't they? Ten bucks for a drink ~ eeek! Glad everyone had FUN.

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