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Friday, December 2, 2011

A fresh coat of paint....

 It's time to paint the house!
Our house really needs a fresh coat of paint and my husband says it's time! We want to paint it the same color, which is a pale yellow called Sunny Daisy, but the company we got it from 10 years ago is no longer in business. So we have to pick a shade from new company and try to match it the best that we can.
I think we found it, Lantern Light. It looks pretty close, don't you think? Yellow is a hard color because if you are not careful, it can easily turn out like mustard or neon. I hope Lantern Light will be the perfect soft, butter yellow that we love.
I have been wanting to paint our front door red for many years, so we are finally doing it. Now, again, how do I pick the right shade? I went outside and realized that I love how the red truck looks against the house.
It's really hard to pick the right one! Eric came out and tried to help me and then he had a great idea. He said that when he goes to the paint store to purchase all the paint, he will have the clerk come out and try to help him find a shade close to the bright cherry red of the truck!
He did exactly that and the clerk helped him find the perfect shade!
Eric picked up 15 gallons of yellow paint and a pint of red for the front door.
First thing on the list was to power wash the house and that means pulling away all of our furniture and outside decorations.
Eric was off of work for two weeks and this project was his baby. I was busy working and could not help him very much.
Hayden helped him trim the trees, move the furniture and clean up all the mess.
Eric took this opportunity to screw in all the gutters. They were nailed before and the nails had come loose.
Our house looked like a war zone for a few days!
Eric has two fishing buddies that are professional house painters.
About a year ago they bought a boat from us and were making payments to us.  Eric suggested to them that they paint our house to pay off the balance of boat and they loved the idea. This worked out well for all of us!
It was weird being inside the house with all of our windows covered up!
Well, so far, the color looks right in the buckets, lets hope it looks right on the house!
So far, so good! It's looking really pretty. That's Tim up there on the roof.
Tim and his brother, Jody, did all the spraying and Eric did the touch up and trim.
Wow, you can sure see a difference in the old color on the front of the house versus the new paint on the side of the house. The new color is much darker, a little darker than we had planned, but I think it looks good.
It took two days to spray it and several more days for Eric to do all the finish work.
I love our cozy yellow house!
My husband works so hard! He painted....
...and  painted....
....and painted!
I could not believe it when I went outside and saw Jody laying on the very tippy-top of our second story roof painting upside down!
This is crazy! I asked him if it bothered him and he said that it does a little, but he has done it so much over the years that he's used to it. I was so glad when he was done and came back down!
Eric didn't get as high up as Jody, but he was still doing risky business!
Oh Eric, be careful please!
He was actually really smart and he tied a rope to the front of the house.... hold onto when he went on the steep roof on the back of the house.
I thought this was a clever idea.
It was still dangerous and made me nervous.
He was holding onto the rope with one hand and holding a bucket and holding the paint brush in the other hand!
He did a great job!
It's looking so pretty!
All that's left is to paint that white door red!
Unfortunately the week that we painted the house it was near freezing temperature. When Eric took the front door down to paint it he put up some blankets to block the passage and keep the cold out.
Wow! That color is so pretty!
Hey, look who's home from school!
He's just in time to help Dad put the front door back on!
Team work!
It's on and it works!
Now Eric just needs to adjust a few things and we are good to go!
I love our new red door!
We got new shiny brass door handles for all of our doors.
We even got a new peephole!
Oh how I love it! I love how our fall wreath looks against the red door!
This door knocker was on the front door when we bought the house and we have always loved it. We love the scripture. We were going to buy a new one, but could not find one we liked, so Eric just repainted it and I used a black Sharpie to highlight the words. It looks great!
We love our freshly painted yellow house with the red door! I'm so thankful for my hard working husband for doing such a great job. It looks wonderful!
Home sweet home!!!

"As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord." Joshua 24:15

Hugs, Sharon


jAne said...

lantern light and ford red .. wow!
gorgeous, sharon...
really, very, beautiful. :o)

Sue said...

Looks so beautiful Sharon, a job well done! I love yellow and the red door makes it perfect. Now the door knocker I would so love to have!
Dh and I painted our lower level last year, Wow! what a job that was, we are yet to get the upper level painted.

Carol said...

Great color choices! I love the way the red door adds a pop of color to the soft yellow! Hats off to your Hubby for a job well done!


Erin said...

Looks fabulous! So cheery and clean. Great pick on the colors!

Mardell said...

Oh Sharon! It's just beautiful! They all did a wonderful job. I am so afraid of heights ~ just seeing them up there gave me the willies!

You have a lovely home. ♥ Yes, love the door knocker. You would have never known that you did that with a sharpie ~ it looks brand new!

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