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Saturday, December 24, 2011

An early Christmas celebration...

Normally we spend Christmas Eve with my side of the family, but due to a couple of reasons, we ended up celebrating our Christmas Eve with them one week early.
My son, Mackenzie and his wife, Brittany, are going to be celebrating Christmas with her mother this year, so we wanted to celebrate early. Also, my sister's husband and their son were going to be in Africa, so this gave us another reason to celebrate early.
It's hard to keep getting everyone together, but as long as we can get a good percentage to attend, I'm happy! Even if it's a week early!
So Eric and I invited everyone over for an early Christmas celebration. We provided lasagna, green salad, french bread and I made wassail. I asked our guests to bring an appetizer and a pie.
The house was still clean and of course decorated from our party the week before, so it was pretty easy.
They're here! They're here! My sister Kathi and her family arrived first. Here's her hubby Stacey with their son, Garrett.
Mackenzie and Brittany are here too!
And here comes Grammie and Grandpa with Kelli and her son Samuel following behind.
Eric's parents are here too! I love this part of having a family gathering everyone's saying hello to each other! Here's Kathi and Stacey greeting Alice while Eric is trying to maneuver her wheelchair. You can see Cameron looking on in the background while Mackenzie and Brittany are greeting someone else who just walked in the front door.
Alice and Brittany.
Alice, Brittany and I.
Eric and Stacey are talking with my Daddy.
The girls! My pretty mother and sisters and I with my pretty daughter-in-law.
Grammie wants to know what's going on with Cameron's hair.
She thinks it looks pretty cool!
Uh-oh! Someone tracked dog doo in to the house. What's a good hostess to do? I'll tell ya what she does, she grabs the carpet cleaner and an old rag and she quickly cleans it up!
It's not all glitz and glamor here at Rose of Sharon garden! haha!
The teenage boys were playing X-Box.
Two of my handsome sons! Mackenzie and Cameron.
My pretty sister, Kathi, and her handsome son, Harrison.
Cousins! Hayden, Garret and Samuel. What good looking guys they are! Sweet too!
Eric and Stacey having a good visit.
Grayson hugging Grandma Alice hello.
Catching up!
Alice is so cute. She has always loved Christmas and made a big deal about it. I remember her always dressing so fun and festive for the holidays. I love it that she's wearing snowmen socks! Even though she now is in an assisted living facility, she asked someone to help her get her Christmas socks on and I bet it was her husband, Jim. They are both so cute and sweet.
Three handsome cousins visiting and eating their meal. It's neat to see them change from little boys running around the house playing games at these family gatherings to young adults who really enjoy each other's company!
My sweet Daddy! I love this picture.
Eric's sweet Daddy.
Kathi and Stacey help with the dishes.
Alice loves kitty's and she wanted to hold MacGyver.
Then Daddy held him.
Time for dessert!
Ya gotta love family!
Brittany & Mackenzie, Cameron and Grayson.
Time for the white elephant gift exchange!
I wonder what Kelli will get??? Our tradition is to wrap some candy with the gifts, so even if the gift is a stinker, you still get candy!
Grandpa didn't get a white elephant, he got a brown elephant! Hee hee!
So far, so good! Mom just opened up some chocolate, but what's the next thing in the package....
....oh, oh, it's a big foam rubber #1 finger! Her face says it all!
Poor Samuel, he got the TV antenna that was left over from our party last week! haha!
I got this snowman. I think he's cute. I'm going to take him to work to decorate the office.
Stacey got the talking fish!
What's Hayden going to get?
Harrison got a dog with a raincoat on, this is another left over gift from our other party! haha!
Little Garrett was pretty excited.
Haha! Brittany got a giant golden deer. She was asking in disapproval if this was a golden idle. Hee hee.
Alice was having lots of fun. We all had a great time together. After all of the extended family left, we had another quiet intimate Christmas celebration with just our little family.
Because Mackenzie and Brittany would be out of town with her family for Christmas, we exchanged gifts with them.
These times together with family are so special.
We have a cozy fire and it's peaceful and loving.
We are blessed indeed!
We started with them opening their stockings. They are being all shy about it for some reason!
Auh, that's better! What a cute picture!
Was Santa good to you Brittany?
Stockings are so much fun!
We started with Hayden opening his gift from Mackenzie and Brittany.
Then Grayson...
....then Cameron...
...then me. I got this beautiful handbag! I love it!
Then it was Eric's turn.
Mackenzie and Brittany got the three boys a little bag of coal gum on top of their gifts. I thought that was a cute idea.
Then Mackenzie opened the gifts from all of us....
....and so did Brittany.
We got her the big thing on her wish list....
....a set of new pans!
She was really excited!
Can you find the kitty in this picture?

Tonight it will just be Eric and I, Cameron, Grayson and Hayden, but we are still going to make it fun. We are going to have french dip sandwiches with fries and coleslaw with lemon pudding cheesecake for dessert. We will eat in the dining room on the pretty Christmas dishes and then we will watch a classic Christmas movie. After that we will retire to the living room where we will have eggnog and Kahlua and cream and Eric will read the true Christmas story out of the Bible. 

Tomorrow will be a fun Christmas morning with everyone and then we will celebrate the day with Eric's side of the family. 

May the Lord richly bless you on this Christmas Eve!

Merry Christmas! 

"Glory to God in the highest, and on Earth peace, good will toward men." Luke 2:14

Love, Sharon


Anna said...

Your family gathering looks so fun. We had our with all our boys and the dau in love and grands last night and my little girl.

Tonight will be hubby and the two little ones and myself and one of our adult sons and his fiance. We too will read from the bible the story of our Lord and Saviors birth.

Enjoy your family time as I know how precious it truly is for us all.



Mardell said...

Hi Sharon,
Trying to play catch up here. I really enjoy seeing pics of your family gatherings! So much fun and love all around. Just beautiful!

Glad you had a wonderful Christmas. Alice looked so cute in her snowman socks! You even looked cute cleaning up the dog doo. LOL

Sending hugs!

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