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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas morning!

The kitty's ready! He's looking into the warm fire pondering his life and giving blessings! :0)
We actually slept in until 7:30 and didn't start Christmas until about 9:00! It was actually very nice to just take it slow. Eric made a big beautiful fire and I filled the stockings.
We all got our coffee (except Hayden who doesn't drink it yet).
We're ready to start Christmas!
These moments with family are the best!
Although, five minutes before I took all of these pictures I had a little melt down. :0(
I said I wanted to get pictures of everyone and I had to kind of make a speech about it so they would all cooperate. But, the first boy that I took a picture of frowned in his on purpose! I had no idea because I wasn't wearing my glasses and I see the tiny screen on my camera without them.
After I took the picture he laughed and said, "Uhmmm, you better take another one Mom" and I knew why. I knew he made a face. I know its all for a joke, but I just was tired of feeling unappreciated and not having full cooperation and I also was a tad extra sensitive due to that special time of the month. I proceeded to give everyone a speech about appreciating mom and cooperating with me. I then warned them that I was in no mood for them to not cooperate, that they were dealing with a menopausal woman who is extra sensitive!
They all quickly apologized and said thank you to me. I quickly forgave them and apologized to them too. I guess that's just a typical thing that, sadly, happens to a lot of families at the holidays. We can get stressed and take it out on those we love. We are a real family and unfortunately, having disagreements is one of those things that happens in families. Any way, we got over that, moved on and opened our stockings. Whew!!!
Then it was time to divy up the gifts!!!
They boys all played Santa and passed out the gifts.
Dad started first. What we like to do the oldest (Eric)opens the gift from the youngest (Hayden), then the second oldest person (me) opens the gifts from the youngest (Hayden), and so on and so on.
Then the oldest (Eric) opens the gift from the second youngest child (Grayson) and we go on down the line. I just grouped the photos of each person as they were opening all of their gifts.
I love this picture. I love Eric's expression and I love the way Hayden's watching his Dad.
He told Cameron he wanted a mag light flashlight and Cameron bought him five of them! One for the boat, one for the truck, one for the camper, one for the garage, etc. Pretty smart idea!
I bought him some Oregon duck gear since he's a huge fan of the UofO football team.
My turn!
Hayden gave me the most beautiful necklaces!
Grayson bought me this beautiful red purse!
And Cameron gave me two DVD sets of Murder She Wrote! I am so excited to get these!
Now Cameron gets to go! He asked for a lot of things that were less expensive rather than one or two things that took the whole budget.
So he had fun unwrapping a LOT of presents!
New windshield wipers!
A new thermos!
A nice black tie from Hayden!
Now Grayson gets to go!
He asked fro a couple of expensive tools.
It took his whole budget, but he was pretty excited!
As a new homeowner, he has lots of work to do around his house!
This Sawzall will sure come in handy.
I love to stop in the middle of it and really soak it all in. Christmas is just so magical and special!
Now it's Hayden's turn!
He got some nice gifts from his brothers.
But he only got one gift from us. It's what he really wanted and it took the whole budget!
He's pretty happy! He knows what it is!
It's a new 32 inch flat screen TV for his room and then he will take it with him to college!
Well, that's it's we're all done! We had such a fun time opening presents. I love it that our cute pets shared Christmas with us! I'm hungry! Let's get breakfast going!
As he does every year, Eric cooked the Christmas breakfast!!!
I set the table with our festive Christmas dishes.
We had french toast, bacon and eggs, coffee and juice (I opted not to have eggs).
It was a lovely breakfast.
The men of the house did all the dishes and I hit the showers. We need to get on the road for Eric's sister's house for Christmas dinner! 

"And this is the testimony: God has given us eternal life and this life is in His Son." I John 5:11

Merry Christmas!

Hugs, Sharon


jAne said...

what a delightful day. love the smiles and frown and **real life** you've shared. been there done that. all of it. :o) that 1st Christmas cup is my favorite. bless you dearly.

Kathi said...

Sharon, Your Christmas is just fabulous. Thank you for being so real with us about the photo issue at the beginning; so true for me too. I loved watching all the gifts being opened and the breakfast; all excellent. Love ya, Kathi

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