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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

California or Bust!!!

California or bust!!! We are hitting the road for a week's vacation to sunny California!
This is an early graduation gift for our youngest son, Hayden. We have taken similar trips for all of our son's graduations. We are heading down to California to stay with friends and to go to some theme parks! It will be really nice to get out of this rainy and cold Oregon weather to the sunny state of California.
I see the Ocean!
We decided to take the coast highway because the Siskiyou Mountain pass was snowy and would probably be treacherous. We rearranged our trip to go through the California Redwoods down near San Francisco and then head over to Sacramento to get back on the interstate highway.
We saw lots of funny old fashioned roadside attractions, but passed on some.
However, we did stop at this one! The Trees of Mystery in Klamath, California. Here's Grayson and Hayden with the world's largest timber-jack, Paul Bunyan and his blue ox, Babe. They were in the middle of putting Christmas lights on them.
Eric, Grayson and Hayden in front of the giant!
This is a privately owned family business.
There are so many beautiful and interesting trees here!
The trees are enormous!
It's like walking through a fairytale.
This is called the Cathedral Tree. At one time there was a giant tree in the center and all of the trees you see there are shoots that came off of that tree which has since died and is long gone. The shoots all grew together so closely that it is reminiscent of a cathedral. They actually perform weddings here year-round.
My boys!
This is the worlds largest tree!
It's huge! It's called the Brotherhood Tree.
It's 297 feet tall and is 19 feet in diameter! It's massive!!!
After we hiked through the forest and saw so many interesting and beautiful Redwood trees, we got on their Sky Trail.
It's a gondola that goes right through the woods to the top of the mountain.
It was kind of scary. We were really, really high off the ground!
We got off at the top where they had a viewing station to see the beautiful mountains all around.
We were over 500 feet off the ground! It was beautiful, but also kind of scary! We were glad to be back down on the ground!
There were all kinds of neat wood carvings and this statue is called the "Pooped Logger". Since Eric is a timber faller, it seemed appropriate to get a picture of him next to it.
I loved this giant squirrel!
Getting a "bear hug" from my honey! hahaha!
After we saw the redwoods, we got back on the road and we came across this huge heard of elk!
My husband is a hunter and he was salivating!
So was Grayson! They were beautiful! We actually saw lots of elk on this trip.
Well, we got to the hotel early, so the boys and I went shopping; Grayson needed some swim trunks. All we could find was a Kmart, but it worked.
We brought some dinner back to the hotel where Eric was watching the Oregon Duck football game.
It was really cozy. I love hanging out with the family like this. After the game we all went down to the pool for a swim and jacuzzi. I wish that I had my camera, Eric and the boys were playing and splashing in the water and were having so much fun. I loved it! Road trips are so great because you get really close with your family!

I thank God for His protection over us. We had a very good travel day. Tomorrow we hit the road again and head for Sacramento. 

"As for God, His way is perfect; the word of the Lord is flawless. He is a shield for all who take refuge in Him." II Samuel 22:31

Hugs, Sharon

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