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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

How we celebrated Halloween this year.....

 Hope all of you had a happy Halloween last night! We decided to have a family dinner on Sunday night since some of the family had to work and had other obligations on Halloween. The whole family came to dinner and Cameron also invited his friends, Lisa and Desi whom we all have known for several years.
 I served chili, cornbread and green salad.
I used all my fun Halloween cups, bowls and napkins.
 I didn't have any Halloween plates or bowls to feed that many people, so I used my brown transferware dishes because they are so fall looking. They blended in perfectly with all the festive dishes.
 We all watched Young Frankenstein!
 I have not seen that movie in years and it was pretty funny. It's really not appropriate for young ones, but it's funny for adults.
 Mackenzie and Brittany were at a costume party before they came over and they looked so cute. He was a doctor and she was an 80s girl.
 It was fun and cozy. Hayden couldn't be with us because he was working and then he went to the haunted corn maze with a friend.
 For dessert I made chocolate chip bar cookies and served them as soon as they came out of the oven, so they were so warm and gooey and then I topped them with vanilla ice cream. Oh my goodness was they were delicious!
 On Monday at work we all dressed up. I went as a bobby socks girl from the 50s.
 The inspiration was a cute cheer sweater that says "Wildcats" that I found with Brittany at Goodwill and she suggested that I wear rolled up jeans and sneakers. I also wore my husband's old letterman's jacket. It was fun!
 Our bowl of candy is ready and waiting for the kids to start coming!
It's 6:30 and starting to get dark! I turned on the pumpkin lights and lit the old jack-o-lantern.
 Knock, knock, knock!
 There goes the door, I wonder who it could be......'s a mime! I love her sign!
 We also got a vampire, a cheerleader and a darling little strawberry.
 Then we got this huge crowd of Star Wars characters.
 Oh, what a sweet little fairy princess!
 Ho! Ho! Ho! What clever costumes! I love these guys!
 Uh-oh, Eric found the candy! haha! You get out of that mister! It's for the children!!!
 It was really weird for us, Eric and I were the only ones home. Hayden went to the volleyball game down at the high school.
 Our kitty, McGyver kept us company!
 I had a nice glass of wine in a fun spider goblet and read blogs! We had left over chili for dinner and had fun handing out candy to all the neighbor kids. It is a bit sad for us to not have any little ones of our own going out trick-or-treating, but we still had a fun couple of nights celebrating! We ended up having about 85 kids come to our door. They were all so cute and excited and all of them were thankful!
Oh, oh, there's someone at the door....I better run! Trick or treat!!!

"Pleasant words are as an honeycomb, sweet to the soul, and health to the bones." Proverbs 16:24

Hugs, Sharon


jAne said...

fun post. :o)
*love* your transferware. big time.
rocky and i were alone as well. had a big bowl of candy to dole out but only had about 20 kids ring the door bell. sigh. my favorite was a sweet, shy little girl wearing a red riding hood costume. :o)

Mardell said...

Hi Sharon,
Wow, looks like you had a fun Halloween this year! Busy busy indeed. Love how you capture it all on camera! Still admiring your very cool globe bowl to hold the candy. :o) You've decorated your house so nice. Esp. love your b&w vignette. Yea, who would give a cool painted pumpkin like that to GW? Score for you. You looked adorable in your 50's costume! Now it's on to Thanksgiving ~ three weeks away. Wow, time flies!

Kathi said...

So so cute Sharon!! It looks like so much fun. You look adorable in your cute outfit. Love you, Kathi

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