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Wednesday, November 16, 2011


Homecoming week was a few weeks ago and I'm finally getting around to posting the pictures from that fun week!
First we had He-Man volleyball!
 This is where the boys from each class play volleyball against each other.
They all dress up in wacky outfits.
 There is a lot of taunting and teasing out there!
 And they are all having tons of fun!
And I'm happy to report that the senior boys won!!!
Hayden had a blast. I loved his outfit.
 Hayden with Chevy and Sam after the game.
 After He-Man volleyball all the kids went out to the field for Powder-Puff football!
 This is where the girls from each class play flag football against each other.
 Hayden with Hannah.
 A few of the senior boys coached the girls. Hayden was one of the coaches.
 They all had a blast!
 Hayden and the other boys said the girls were maniacs out there!
 Hayden was yelling and teasing and having so much fun.
 I love our little town and all the fun stuff we do!
 The senior girls won!!!
 They were all having so much fun!
A few days later they had a pep rally in the high school parking lot.
When I pulled into the parking lot this is what I saw. Hayden with a bunch of his football buddies sitting in the back of his truck and hanging out.
 The cheerleaders did a bunch of cheers, stunts and dances.
 The football players were hanging around, eating and talking.
 All the football players cut their hair the same, they all got mohawks.
 The pep band was playing.
 It was a fun night.
 They decided not to have our traditional parade this year and had the pep rally instead. They had all the class floats on display. They will be finished and full of students at the homecoming football game Friday night.
 On Friday night we had the big homecoming football game. Everyone was there!
 The cheerleaders were setting up the big run through poster and I asked to take their picture. I was amazed at how quickly they stopped and posed so cute for me. The football players will stop and smile, but nothing like what the girls did and the girls gather so much faster than the boys!
 Getting it all set up!
 Here come the football players! Hayden's the first one through!
 Woot woo! Getting fired up for the big game!!!
 The girls released balloons at the same time! I love homecoming!
 This is Hannah, she's Hayden's homecoming dance date. She has a silver glittery #14 on her cheek for Hayden!
 Saluting the flag.
 Team captains going out for the coin toss. Hayden is in the red jersey, #14.
 At half-time the class floats drive around the track.
The junior float is so cute, it's a box of animal crackers!
 I love the school spirit!
 The senior float is cute with a Bulldog breaking out of a cage.
 After the floats go by then fancy cars drive onto the field and bring the homecoming princesses where they meet their fathers. I love how the football players are all lined up watching. One of Hayden's friends and fellow football player, Dakota, was announced homecoming king.
 Then they turned off the stadium lights and burned the giant wooden letter B. It's magical!
 Well, even with it being homecoming and having so much school spirit, the boys did not win. In fact, we lost 60 to 6. It was a slaughter.
 Hayden was not his usual smiley self after the game.
 Then Hannah came over and they posed together like they were really depressed.
 Which made them laugh.
 It was a big bummer to lose though.
 The next night was the homecoming dance.
 Hayden gave Hannah a pretty wrist corsage.
 Isn't it lovely!
 They look so cute together! He wore his Vans! They are not dating, just good friends, so they were probably going to have more fun than anybody! :0)
 Hayden and Sam waiting for the girls.
 Don't they all look cute! Notice that Hayden's on his tippy toes!
 What a bunch of nice kids.
These guys have all been friends since kindergarten! I'm so thankful that Hayden is blessed with good friends. They all went to dinner and then on to the dance. Hayden had a really fun evening.

What a great homecoming week it was!

"The Lord make His face to shine upon you and be gracious to you; the Lord lift up his countenance upon you and give you peace." Numbers 6:25-26

Hugs, Sharon

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jAne said...

what FUN!
your comment :::
"They are not dating, just good friends, so they were probably going to have more fun than anybody"
::: is SO true! of all the proms and homecomings i attended (back in the dark ages..), going with my guy 'friends' was THE most fun. :o)

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