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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Highlights of Hayden's football season......

I'm sorry that I've been posting so much about football, but it's been such a fun season for us. It's all over now and I wanted to share the highlight pictures from the season. One of my favorite things about football is seeing the team run onto the field. Here's a picture of them running out for the very first game of the season.......Hayden is in the center, #14. At this point we had no idea how the season would play out.
Realizing my son made his goal of being team captain.
This makes me tear up. I knew that it meant a lot to him and it meant a lot to us.
Hayden made his second goal which was to make the first touchdown of the season for his team. He did it the first time that our team got the ball when he received the punt and returned it down 85 yards for a touchdown! He even lost his shoe and kept running. This was a proud moment!
All the boys after their first game and it's their first victory!
The next game was a tough one! The teams were very evenly matched. It was the Bulldogs vs the Devils.
Hayden had a great night and got three interceptions!
It was a really close game and we beat them 12-7.
Afterwards Hayden got interviewed by the local paper!
I love these pictures I took of the team coming out of the locker room before a game. They look so tough!
This one is so cool with the sun setting behind them.
All American boys playing All American football. I love it!
My handsome son in his uniform.
Proud mama and papa.
Grandpa Jim and Grandma Alice came to see him play. It was a great game and he got another interception and a touchdown!
Hayden and his friend, Hannah.
I just love this picture of Hayden greeting his grandparents.
He was happy they were there. Alice is amazing that she came in her wheelchair. Nothing was going to stop her from seeing her grandson play!
I love this picture of us together.
The boys running through the cheerleader's poster on homecoming night. Hayden's the first one through.
A neat picture in our little local newspaper of the team captains meeting for the coin toss. Hayden's #14 in the red jersey. You can see that the boy's all got matching Mohawks for solidarity!
Hayden just got a touchdown and his teammate is giving him a hug.
The boys all chant "Boneyard" after a victory. I love it. It gives me chills every time.
We call these guys the 4x4s even though Damian is #35. He should have been #34! They are some of the toughest guys on the team.
The two grandpas, Grandpa Jim and Grandpa Leonard with Eric and I and Cameron.
Mackenzie, Brittany, Cameron and Grayson.
Hayden hugging Grandpa Leonard. This is just so sweet.
Hayden with his two grandpas.
My four handsome sons....Mackenzie, Cameron, Hayden and Grayson.
Cute kid.
Tough boys!
Senior night!
This is the last time the seniors play at home. It's a sad night.
Each family stands with their son.
We are all so proud of him.
This was an emotional time. This is the last time any of my kids will be playing on this field.
Eric, Grandpa Jim and Grayson.
Cameron, Mackenzie and Brittany.
Me and Cameron.
I love this neat picture I accidentally took!
Heading to the locker room at half time.
Our faithful announcers, Lynn and Ron. They have been saying my kid's names over the loud speaker for many years now!
Another victory! What a great senior night! What a great last home game of the season! Go Dawgs!
All the seniors!
Hayden's helmet with all of his bone stickers that he earned for good plays. I'm so proud of him!
Hayden and Dad.
It's the last time he'll be walking back to the locker room after football.
Here we are at the last game of the regular season. We had to drive an hour to get here. We are very anxious and nervous. If they win tonight than we go to State!
 Hayden getting ready to kick the ball to start the game off. He has been kicking really great this year!
 It was so cold. you can see the steam coming off of the players.
 Another touchdown for the bulldogs!
We were having so much fun in the crowd! All of the boys played so great and all the dads were all "high- fiveing" each other after every good play. It was so much fun. We were so proud of Hayden, he got three touchdowns and one interception!!!
We won 54 to 14! It was sooo exciting! We're going to State!
The 4x4 really performed tonight!
The seniors!
Hayden and his good friend, Colton.
Hayden and his long-time friend, Nik. State we come!!!
We drove 8 hours to get to the school we were playing at State! Here come the Dawgs out onto the field!
One last huddle before the big game! It was a gorgeous sunny day, but it was only 38 degrees! Brrrrr!
The Bulldogs heading out onto the field.
Lining up for announcing of the players names.
Saluting the American flag.
The captains meeting.
The coin toss.
We won the toss. We're kicking off.
Hayden running with the ball.
It was a tough game. We were behind at the first quarter 21 to 0.
Our guys just kind of fell apart and gave up. It was really sad.
One last long bomb to Hayden, but it didn't get there.
We lost 52-7.
The last time the team will ever do the after game "congrat's" line.
I was glad to see that Hayden was smiling after the game. It was a little easier to take because we were so far behind the whole game. Towards the end they were just having fun.
We're so proud of all of them.
They had a really, really great season with 8 wins and 3 losses.
Hayden's hugging the head coach.
Hayden with all the coaches.
Hayden had a great senior year football season.
He got 10 touchdowns and 11 interceptions and multiple tackles.
We are really proud of him.
It's the last game forever for him, unless his dream comes true and he can play college ball. 

Football is over for our family. We have been watching our boys play since our oldest two started playing flag football in 4th and 5th grade 16 years ago. It has become a way of life for us every fall. I will miss it dearly. But as for Hayden, you couldn't ask for a better senior year football season!

This is the last of my football posts, except I have one more big announcement tomorrow. Stay tuned!

"All athletes are disciplined in their training. They do it to win a prize that will fade away, but we do it for an eternal prize. So I run with purpose in every step. I am not just shadowboxing. I discipline my body like an athlete, training it to do what it should. Otherwise, I fear that after preaching to others I myself might be disqualified.” I Corinthians 9:25-27

Hugs, Sharon

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