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Friday, November 18, 2011

Hayden made All-League Football honors!!!

 I was so thrilled when I opened my phone and found this message from my son! He made the All-League football honors! I thought it was so cute that he ended it with haha! He was so happy. Please excuse his typos! :0)
 I wrote him back congratulating him!
Photo courtesy of Thomas Konomos
He was hoping that  he would make the All-League team, but it seemed like such a far reaching dream. Well, he not only made it, but he made both offense and defense, which is really a rare thing! Plus he got honorable mention for being the punter. For defense he made First Team as a defensive back. He is an excellent defender and he got 11 interceptions! The picture above is of him getting an awesome interception on the 7 yard line!
Photo courtesy of Thomas Konomos
For offense he made First Team as a tight end. He got 10 touchdowns for the season. He's a great receiver!
 He also got Honorable Mention as a punter.
 Here's a picture from our local paper of all the boys who made the team.
 We are so very proud of him!
He's really happy that he made his goal plus some!
 I've just got to take a little minute here though and say that old phrase...."Like father, like son". Way back in 1977 my husband, Eric, was a senior and made first team for both offense and defense when he was playing high school ball! He's #64 in the red and white jersey.
 It's pretty rare to make both offense and defense and it's pretty neat that both Eric got the honors and so did Hayden!
 What a handsome guy!!!
What I love about my husband is that while he was an all star football player, he never forced any of our sons to play football. He encouraged them and they all did play when they were young, but the older two boys decided to not pursue it at the high school level and Eric supported them. We are proud of all four of our sons and support them in all of their interests and hobbies. 
 Last night we went to the fall sports banquet and we had a full house.
 First they honored all of the seniors.
 Then they had the whole team go up for awards.
 The coach said some really, really nice things about Hayden.
 I'm so proud of him.
 Then at the end they honored the six boys who made the All-League honors.
Hayden got to go up there three times! We were beaming! What makes us proud is that the coach said that all the senior players were so athletic and talented, but that they were very humble, nice guys and great leaders. 
Photo courtesy of Thomas Konomos
What a season he had! What a fun run this whole football thing has been for our family. What a way to end it for Hayden....8 wins, going to State and making both offense and defense First Team All-District honors!

It would be so wonderful if he could play college ball, we're certainly praying about it!

"Physical training is good, but training for godliness is much better, promising benefits in this life and in the life to come." I Timothy 4:8

Hugs, Sharon


Mardell said...

Hi Sharon!
Congratulations to Hayden! Wow, what an honor. :o) I know how proud your family is of him. Now does this mean more games in the coming up future? Eric was so dreamy in his football picture! (Great number, too ~ yr. I was born.)

Again, Congrats to Hayden!
PS: Are you supposed to be getting a big snow storm out your way? If so, keep warm and stay safe!

Carolina Girl said...

What an amazing honor!

Kari said...

Hi Sharon! I started my blog back up and was going through some of the blogs I used to enjoy reading when I came to yours!
I've enjoyed catching up a bit on what's been going on in your life! Congrats to your son for all of his honors!! That's great!!

I've also read some about your nest becoming emptier =( The post about your son moving out brought me to tears! Ah! I'm sure it seems like just yesterday that your boys were the age my son Ethan is at. It seems to be going by so quickly.

Also, how is your daughter-in-love Brittany? I wish she still had a blog! I always enjoyed her perspective on things. I'd love to know what she's up to these days.


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