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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Grayson bought a house!

My son, Grayson, bought a house! Yes, I said, he bought a house!!!! What a blessing this is! Here he is holding the keys to his first home!
This story goes back to June of 2009 when he graduated from high school and applied for an internship at a local utility company. This was supposed to be a 12 week program through the summer and then he would start college in the fall. We were so excited for him and thought he would be a shoe-in to get chosen for one of the four positions. Well, sadly, he was the #5 pick out of 4. We were sad, but we prayed. Grayson's attitude was so amazing. He told me that he realized that those four boys must have needed that job more than he did. I was proud of him. We kept praying.  We couldn't believe it, but a couple of weeks later they called and offered him the job! One of the boys dropped out and they called Grayson!!!
It was really a miracle! A true blessing from God! But, because he started three weeks later than the rest of the guys, his internship went into the college year, so he didn't sign up for college. Instead though, he ended up getting hired on there permanently! This is an excellent job that he could work at the rest of his life. It pays well with great benefits and there is room for growth and opportunity. We were so thankful to God!
Well, once he started getting those big checks, you can imagine that he was chomping at the bit to move out. My husband and I really felt that we wanted him to live at home at least one more year because we not only liked him here with us, but we felt it would be good for him to be under our roof and supervision for another year. Also, we thought it would be really wise for him to save his money and then buy a house. What my husband came up with was that he charged Grayson $300.00 a month rent to live at our house, but Eric put it in a savings account for Grayson to build up a down payment in a year or so when he's ready to move out.
I just want to segway a minute here though and show you what he does at the utility company. He works in the water division drives a water pumper truck. One day he was called out to a job and it was right down the street from my sister Kelli and her husband Ralph's house! Here's Ralph going out to the street to talk to Grayson.
I am so happy and thankful that my sister took all of these neat pictures of him at work!
It looks like he's unlocking the pump shaft from the front of the truck.
He has learned so much at this job.
I'm really proud of him.
He works very hard.
He knows what he's doing.
And he's good at it.
Also, his bosses and co-workers really like him.
I'm proud of all of our son's work ethic.
They all work hard like their father!
It's hard to believe that my son is in charge of that big truck and all that is going on here!
I'm so thankful in this tough economy that God blessed him with this good job.
Okay, so now let's get back to the house story. He saved and saved and he finally got enough money for a down payment. He contacted a friend of ours who is a loan officer and he had a meeting with her. She got all of his information and told him the loan amount he was approved for and the price range of homes he needed to be looking at. This was the first house he looked at. We were really, really excited about it! But, unfortunately, it had just been pulled off the market and taken back by the bank. Also, it only had two bedrooms.
This was the next one he fell in love with, but it already had an offer on it. He was looking for a three bedroom with a two car garage and room for a carport on the side of the garage.
Finally, he found this cute one! It's in his price range and has everything he wants! Eric and I both looked at it and felt really good about it. The extra good's right in our little town!
He made an offer that next day and they accepted!!! He was on his way to being a new homeowner!
All the boys and Brittany went over there to take a look.
I thought this picture was so cute of them peering through the windows!
He's telling them what he wants to do with the yard. They are all so proud of their little brother. He's not even 21 yet! Well....sadly, about a month later, we found out that the bank was not going to sell it because of some glitch. He was really disappointed, but we knew that God had something better planned for him! We kept praying.
Well, a couple of weeks later he found this cute house!
It's in his price range and has everything he wants! Plus, it has 1700 square feet! The other homes he was looking at had about 1000 square feet! He's getting much more house for his money.
Eric and I and the realtor, Andy, all met him over there to get a good look at it before Grayson made an offer.
It needs a lot of work, but Grayson says, "I'm not worried! I can do all of it!" Eric and I have fixed up both of the homes that we have purchased and we helped Mackenzie and Brittany fix up their home when they bought it. We knew that even though there were many repairs to be made that the bones of the house were good. We gave our approval!!! He made the offer and it was accepted!!!! Praise the Lord!
This house, however, is not in our little town, but it's in the big city, which is just 20 minutes away (he's really close to Mackenzie and Brittany though!). This will really be a blessing for Grayson because with his job, there are many times when they will call him to come down to work in the middle of the night or on weekend's because of water main breaks. He has done this several times and it is always so worrisome to me because often times he already has worked an 8 or 10 hour day and then they call him back to work until the wee hours of the morning. Here's a picture of him that I took last December after he had pulled a double shift like that. He came in the front door and within 4 minutes he was sound asleep. I used to worry about him driving the 20 minute drive when he was so sleepy. This new house is only two minutes from his job!
About three weeks ago he signed all the final papers and got the keys to his very first own home!
He was so cute and took this picture with his phone. He's really excited! We are so, so proud of him and so very happy for him! Thank you God for this blessing!

"Get your work done outside. Make your fields ready. Then after that, build your house." Proverbs 24:27

Hugs, Sharon


jAne said...

his home is beautiful! so thankful for him and that God blessed him so wonderfully - with a great job and now a home at 20 years old. wow!


Jan said...

Isn't our God an awesome God?

Congrats to Grayson on the purchase of his first home and congrats to Mom and Dad who raised such a responsible young man.

What a wonderful announcement. It really made my day!

Thanks for sharing.


Sue said...

Congratulations to Grayson on becoming a new home owner. You and Eric have done a great job in teaching him responsibility. I like the one God chose for him best of all.

Diane Fay (littlealma) said...

Wow - good for Grayson!!! You should be so proud of these wonderful young men you have raised!!! And I LOVE this house so much better than the previous ones - I like how when you come to this house, you aren't greeted first by a massive garage door! And have to hunt to find the front door! This house has a much more inviting entry way!!! Can't wait to see what you all will do with it - amazed at your ability to get things done!!!

Have fun!!! (my son married this summer, and we live in Michigan, but he and his lovely wife live in Tacoma!!! Boo hoo!!!)

All the best to you!

Hugs from Michigan - Diane

PS - 90% or the comments I try to make on your blog get rejected, so hope this one works!

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