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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Gray's new home....

 I told you last week that my son, Grayson, purchased his first home. He is so excited about it and so are we. I wanted to post some "before" pictures of it before he actually moves in.
 Let's start the tour around the back side of the house. Hey, who is that on the roof?
 Why, it's Mr. Homeowner himself, Grayson! He was waiting for me to get there, so he decided to  get on the roof and sweep it off!
 He got the keys a few days prior and this was the first "work" day over there.
 His home is definitely a fixer! There are several projects to do like replacing the fence!
 He has a nice big backyard.
 This window must have broke and the previous owners replaced it with a piece of glass from a curio cabinet and used brackets to attach it.
 Allegedly the previous owners were dealing drugs and the police had to bash in this back window to get in and arrest them. Right now these doors are nailed shut. Notice the cable wires hanging off of the roof.
 I like the old garden shed. He also has a raised vegetable garden.
 Okay, now that we've seen the back of the house, lets go inside. He is so blessed with a nice covered front porch!
 I love these cool vintage windows next to the front door. Everything is really dirty and beat up.
 The house was built in 1965 and has some cool vintage touches. Like the cool wood slat room divider.
 He has a nice entryway and a nice sized coat closet.
 The front door is very dirty and beat up.
 When you walk in the front door this is what you see. There is a choice to turn to the right to go into the main big living room and dining room or you can go to the left into a quaint family room.
 The living room is very nice size. Notice the built in bookshelves. This carpet is in pretty good condition, but he got a great loan with an allowance to replace it, so he is going to do that.
 The windows have all been upgraded.
 There's a nice pocket door to the kitchen.
 He has a galley kitchen. He just bought that fridge.
 There's a cool cherry red deep sink.
 I like it that he has an eating area in the kitchen.
 The stove has seen better days.
 So has the tile.
 I love this dutch door!
 Here's the family room. I like the brick fireplace.
 There are many big projects that need to be done. He is good at electrical work and he will replace the light fixtures himself.
 This is a nice cozy family room. I like the french doors.
 The people before did not take very good care of the home.
 There are big holes in many of the walls.
 They removed baseboard heating in this room and never replaced the baseboards. Grayson also will add some wall heaters to this room, the hallway and the master bedroom.
 This is the first room. Obviously, the purple has got to go!
 The doorknob is missing!
 Here's the second bedroom. This room was half painted, but then just left that way.
 Maybe they ran out of paint?
 I wonder what happened here! Now that's a huge hole! He was blessed with a home loan that included getting all of these things repaired, which is a big relief!
 Here's the master bedroom. We think they might have kept the drugs in here because there were multiple locks on the door and also alarm systems on the windows.
 Again, the baseboard heater is gone and they did not put new baseboards down.
 Another hole.
 Another missing light fixture.
 He does have a nice walk in closet though!
 But again, another missing door knob. This is so strange. I wonder why they're gone.
 He has a nice little bathroom off of the master bedroom, but.......
 .....they were in the middle of a renovation and the toilet was disconnected and sitting in the shower. They also must have found dry rot and they were in the middle of repairing it.
 There is a strange quilt pattern painted on the shower walls. He is hoping to replace it. The shower head is missing from this shower as well as the shower in the main bath. I do really like the glass bricks along the side of the shower.
 More dry rot repair.
 Okay, lets go back down the hall to the laundry room. The realtor told us that the previous owners had plans to "flip" this house and they were midway through the renovations when they made bad choices and got in trouble with the law. The laundry room is completely torn apart and it's missing it's door. Also, the door to the garage is gone too.
 Look at this awful stain on the carpet. This carpet is all getting replaced.
 The laundry room floor is completely gone..... well as the wall! You can see right out into the garage!
 Oh my goodness, I would say this is too much, but the realtor said this is actually good, you can see that there is no dry rot and it will all get repaired by a professional contractor through the home loan.
 He has a nice over sized two car garage.
 With some cabinets built in and..... of those cool pull down attic ladders.
 There is a lot of nice attic storage space.
 Whew! He has a huge "to do" list, but he's so excited!!!!
The first thing he's going to do is to replace all the locks, which is a great idea!
This all looks so overwhelming, but he is young and he has the time and energy to do it. He got a great deal and it is a wonderful investment. Once he is done, it will be a great home that he can eventually raise a family in! We are so proud of him!!! What a blessing!

"All hard work brings a profit." Proverbs 14:23a

Hugs, Sharon


Mary Anne said...

Looks like a neat little home;-) Can't wait to see the after pics!

jAne said...

this house has SO much going for it, despite it's present flaws. your son made a wise purchase, but you already know that. :o) the whole house is beautiful - love the house trim design, the **porch** and the fireplace, and oh yes that there's an eating area in the kitchen. lots to do but oh golly he'll have such a lovely home and great pride in achieving such a task. :o)

Erin said...

Looks like a great first home! Hope you'll keep us posted on his improvements. :)

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