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Monday, November 7, 2011

Football party!

 A few weeks ago I showed you this picture of all of these groceries we bought because we hosted a big dinner for the whole football team and I wanted to tell you how it all turned out. We had a great time and so did all of the boys.
 We had to be really organized and did a lot of planning with the food.
 I found all these cute football plates, napkins and cups at the Dollar Tree.
 I set out a football trophy and some other cute football and bulldog decorations.
 I made two of these huge bowls of potato salad, three big bowls of pasta salad and Eric made two big pots of beans.
 Eric also barbecued 10 trays of chicken legs!
 We also set out tons of pickles and chips and also served a ton of soda pop.
 Eric recruited one of the other team dads, Tim, to help him barbecue.
 Hayden was excited we were doing this for his team.
 I couldn't believe it when they started coming over....
 ...they just kept coming and coming!
 Our house was full of boys!
 I don't think we've ever had this many  kids in our house at one time, let alone jammed in the kitchen!
 They were all so friendly and polite.
 They also were very hungry!
 We had about 40 kids over and about three coaches.
 They all went outside in the backyard to eat.
 I'm glad because we didn't have room inside! I'm thankful that it was a nice evening!
 We told everybody that they had to have seconds and thirds!
 They were more than happy to oblige!
 Eric was so busy barbecuing!
 The boys all ate tons of food! For dessert we served ice cream sandwiches, which was so easy and they all loved them.
 After dessert they came inside and started playing Xbox. Hayden set it up so that there was two stations upstairs and one set up in our family room.
 The boys also were looking at football photos on our computer.
 They were all having fun going from room to room.
 They were all very thankful and grateful for the food.
 They also all behaved like gentlemen.
 We didn't have a lick of trouble.
 I loved it.
 It was just all fun!
 I loved all the noise and activity!
 The coach emailed me the next day and told me that he had heard from several of the boys that they had so much fun.
 I'm so glad we had this party.
This is a great memory all of us will have for a long, long time!

"Delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart." Psalm 37:4

Hugs, Sharon

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