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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

A wise old owl makeover.....

I found this funny old owl at the church rummage sale. My first thought was that he was an ugly old homemade ceramic craft from the 70s with his white paint, gold touches and his goopy eyes and was ready to walk on by saying "no way", but then I quickly saw potential!!! (no offense to anyone out there who likes him the way he is!)
I realized that with the holes in him like that, he would look fantastic if I painted him black and set him out on the front porch with a candle inside him! For .50 cents, I snagged him up!
This project was so simple! I just removed his plastic eyes and set him outside on some newspaper.
I bought cheap black spray paint.
I bought flat black hoping it would end up looking like cast iron.
I simply just started spraying an even coat all over him.
I can tell already that he's going to look fantastic when I'm done!
I bought fast drying paint, which I absolutely love, it is so easy to work with. I came back outside in about five minutes and sprayed another coat on him. Remember that when you spray paint, be sure to hold the can about a foot away and just do a gentle even coat, make sure you are constantly moving the spray so that it does not glob into one area. After he dried I glued the eyes back in and......
...I set him on the front porch! Whoo-whoo looks marvelous with his new make over? My wise old owl of course! Didn't he turn out awesome! I am so happy with this project! Wow, he only cost .50 cents with about a dollar's worth of spray paint. What a "wise" thing! hee hee

Come back tomorrow to see the rest of my front porch fall decorations!

"If you need wisdom, ask our generous God, and He will give it to you." James 1:5a

Hugs, Sharon


Carol said...

He is so cute! I love it that owls are making a comeback!


jAne said...

that's awesome!!!

elizabeth said...

Hi Sharon, so glad you left a comment! Just found your current blog and now I can follow. It was so great to meet you! Your owl turned out great!

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