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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Too busy to blog!!!

We're having the whole football team and all the coaches over for dinner tonight! I bought all of these groceries to feed 50 hungry football players!  I bought 12 trays of drumsticks, 6 bottles barbecue sauce, 5 dozen eggs, 3 10 pound bags of potatoes, 4 large bags of pasta, 2 extra large bottles of ranch, 5 cans of olives, a can of peas and carrots,  5 jars of mayonnaise, 10 16 oz baked beans, three double sides of bacon, 6 large bags of potato chips, 2 gallons of milk, 8 12 packs of soda and 3 boxes of 24 pack ice cream sandwiches! I bought all these groceries at our local market and I was very pleased that they gave us a nice discount since it was for the high school football team!

Yesterday I made 10 batches of potato salad and 10 batches of pasta salad and Eric made 4 batches of baked beans! Later on this afternoon Eric will barbecue 144 drumsticks! This morning I will clean the house and set the table with all the cute football things. I have been picking up cute football dishes and plates from thrift stores and I borrowed a bunch from a friend. I also found really cute football themed napkins, plates and cups. I'm hoping we can house all these boys comfortably in our home!

 I'm excited, this should be lots of fun! We originally were going to do this a couple of weeks ago, but it ended up being homecoming week, so we had to cancel. It's cute because I have had so many football players come up to me and ask me if we are still doing this dinner, I think they are excited to come to it. The basketball team always has a team dinner before games, but for some reason the football team never has (probably because there are so many boys on the team compared to basketball) and it seems as though they are all looking forward to it. Eric and I are looking forward to it too! I will take lots of pictures and share them soon.

"Show hospitality to one another without grumbling. " I Peter 4:9

Hugs, Sharon


jAne said...

such a feast to be had!
they'll treasure your labor
of love .. for a lifetime.

Adrienne said...

Wow! What fun! But I'm tired just thinking of all the work. Wish I lived close enough to stop by and help you. Be sure to stop and take a deep breath now and then - and stop by to see some photos of our day together last week.

adsgram said...

YOu GO, girl1 What a wonderful thing to do and the memories for Hayden's senior year will be that much richer knowing his Mom and Dad were so generous! Have a great dinner and take a few 'minutes' to rest if you can! The pics should be a lot of fun...Wow!


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