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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Sarah's wedding

One of my best friends, Sarah, recently got married! She also happens to be my co-worker whom I sit literally inches away from three days a week at the doctor's office where we work. She has had a crazy year and recently met the love of her life, Gerardo, and they decided to get married.
They were going to have a quiet little wedding ceremony in her living room at home, but a mutual friend of ours, Peggy, offered to have the wedding in her back yard! Peggy's daughter recently got married and they converted their twenty acre property into an event center to hold weddings and parties.
Sarah wanted to look at the property before the wedding and one thing led to another and Peggy invited all of us girls from the office over there for lunch! Here's Sarah, Kristi, Teresa and Peggy.
We couldn't believe the effort that Peggy went to to host lunch for us girls. What a sweetie! Needless to say, we all loved the property and thought that this was such a blessing for Sarah and Gerardo.
The next week we had a little after work wedding shower for Sarah at a local Mexican restaurant. Here's Sarah and I celebrating!
Teresa and Kristi having fun.
Sarah and Sue.
All of us girls enjoying the evening. It is so neat to be able to have fun at work and enjoy the people you work with. We are all so blessed!
We were having so much fun!
Sarah had been wanting a vintage Better Homes and Garden cook book and I found one for her at Goodwill!
She was pretty happy about it!
We gave her a bunch of joke presents.
We bought her a crown and pink sparkly heart-shaped glasses!
What fun we were having!
We gave her a nice crock pot too!
They got married on a rainy October Sunday. The gazebo looks so pretty with all the fall garland and lights!
It was a very sweet wedding. They wanted to have her three children involved in the ceremony.
They were all so happy!
They did a really neat thing, each person in the family had a certain color of sand and they each added a little bit of their sand into a pretty vase.
The kiss!
It was really sweet because Gerardo, who is not the children's father, gave them all rings with the promise that he will love their mother always and he will love all of them like his own children!
Then they all embraced. It was very touching. Sarah is really blessed with this man and he's blessed with her and her kids!
Yea! They're official!!!
Mr. and Mrs. Happily Married!
Sarah! What a happy, pretty bride!
Here's their unity sand. Didn't it turn out pretty!
Here aunt made these gorgeous cakes!
They served a wonderful dinner.
Carlos, the oldest son, gave a toast.
Sarah's mother gave a toast too.
I thought it was so sweet when Leanna went up to Gerardo and hugged him.
All the girls from the office with Sarah. We are so happy for our friend!

"And now these three remain; faith, hope and love, but the greatest of these is love." I Corinthians 13:13

Hugs, Sharon

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jAne said...

what a truly lovely and blessed day. so many details came together for a perfect celebration of love. i love the fact gerardo gave the children rings, the sand ceremony (it *did* turn out pretty!), the setting (what a gift), the hearts involved. wonderful.

p.s. i have that crock pot. it's awesome!

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