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Friday, October 7, 2011

Sand dune fun!!!

It's 6:00 am on a Saturday morning and I'm up and dressed with coffee in hand!!!! You want to know why I'm up and ready at the crack of dawn for?
I'm heading to the sand dunes with my husband!!! We packed up the quads and we're ready to hit the road!
We have our coffee and I have my blanket to keep warm in the truck.
Let's go honey!
The sun is barely starting to rise. Isn't it beautiful!
We drove a couple of hours and met our friends at a private campsite near the Oregon coast, right on the edge of the sand dunes!
They've all been camping here for several days. This is a group of our friends who love to go four-wheeling in off road vehicles. We were really excited to join them and learn how to drive our new quads on the dunes!
Everyone's loaded and ready to go!
Eric's getting his helmet on.
I'm ready to hit it! This is the first time we've worn our helmets and I was worried that they would be uncomfortable, but they were really, really comfortable, I didn't even notice it!
Wow! There are the dunes! They are so beautiful and you can't tell from this picture, but they go for miles and miles!
"Are you ready for this honey?"
"Yep, I'm ready, are you? Let's do it!!!"
We're following our friend Tim.
There's Kim.
There's Austin.
And there's Martin and Barbara. These rigs are called RZRs (razors). They are pretty sweet! They do really well on the sand and they go really fast!
Eric and I were pretty happy on our quads though!
I am loving this lifestyle!
Look at this gorgeous view of the bay and the beautiful bridge!
It's simply breathtaking out here!
Look at this huge mountain!
All our friends gunned it and went straight up and actually caught air at the top! Not this girl, I'm too chicken!!!
Eric thought he had what it took, so it gave it a whirl!
Go honey!!!! He did a great job and made it all the way to the top. He didn't catch any air though! Hee hee.
The sand is so fun!
You can go really fast.
I was really scared at first and it was extra nerve-wracking for me because our friends all go really fast and they like to hot-dog it.

They do crazy turns and jumps and they don't mind wrecking or even rolling their vehicles. Not me!!!  However, I did go fast though!

It was fun because we would all race across the sand dunes and then they would pull into a little nook where there were little hills. We would all stop and watch one rig go do a trick.
When I saw these guys attempting to come down this steep little hill, I thought they were crazy! To me it looked like they were going to flip on top of themselves.
But they didn't!
They came out just fine and then they did it again!
By the end of the day, we were going straight up dunes twice this size! Yep, even me! I had no choice, I had to follow the pack. What I learned was you get a good running start, you put your hand on the gas lever and you never let up! I didn't get any pictures because it was all business, no time to stop and get the camera out; I would have been left behind by the rest of them! The first time I went up a steep sand dune I screamed. I was so afraid that I wouldn't make it and I'd start sliding down, but I conquered every mountain! It was exhilarating.
We raced all across the dunes for about an hour and we ended up at this place called Spinreel. It was a really fun place full of off road vehicles.
We stopped for a break and had ice cream.
On the way home, we actually went out on the beach and road up the coastline. it was soooo gorgeous and so much fun!
Eric and I tried something new today and we just loved it! I've said it before, but I'll say it again, getting these quads has been such a blessing for us and our marriage! As you know, I have had my ups and downs with my nest getting empty. I would have moments of getting sad thinking that all the best years were behind us, that all the fun of having a busy household with four young men were all over. I know that's not true, but when you're down in the dumps, you start believing it. Finding a new hobby to do with Eric has been so much fun and something that I can now look forward to!!! We can't wait to go again! I need to rest for awhile though, I was sooo sore for a few days after!

"How precious also are Your thoughts to me, O God! How great is the sum of them! If I should count them, they would be more in number than the sand. When I awake, I am still with You." Psalm 139:17-18

Hugs, Sharon


Jan said...

Sharon, it looks like such fun! I'm so tickled to follow your adventures of the emptying nesters, lol...we are also at that stage of our lives with only one out of four left at home, so I can identify. Thanks again for sharing!

God bless,

Mardell said...

A girl after my own heart! I'm so happy that you & Eric are enjoying your quads! An awesome win-win situation. What were your first thoughts when he thought about buying them? You'll be a pro in no time!

The dunes looked like a ton of fun. By this time next year you'll be riding up to the top ~ mark my words! LOL

Have a GREAT weekend, Sharon.
Great post.

PS: Will you rid them in the snow, too? :o)

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