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Thursday, October 27, 2011

I got a new car!!!!

 I'm so excited! I got a new car! It's my very first BRAND NEW car and I love it!
We have been researching cars for several months now. Three years ago we bought a really cute 2003 black BMW SUV and we really liked it until over the past year several things started breaking and every time we took it to the mechanic the bill was outrageous because it's a foreign car. We decided to get something else.
 We really loved the body style of the BMW though, it was big enough and I felt safe in it, yet I felt small enough to zip around. We were looking for something with a similar look. There are many car companies out there that make this look. It's called a crossover SUV, they are smaller and sportier than the traditional SUV. We did lots of research and settled on the Ford Edge. My husband has always been a Ford man!
 Isn't it cute!!!
 And I fit good in it too!
 There's my black BMW next to the Ford Edge. They look really similar, don't they! Eric is in the background talking to the salesman. We left the house this morning with the plan of buying a used one, but we did not want one older than a 2010 and we wanted a red one.
 Unfortunately, they did not have a red one on the lot, so we went inside to discuss our options.
 We found out that red is really rare right now in Ford vehicles. Our salesman looked at the company website and the only red Edge he could find was a 2012 model up in Washington. Oh we go! I totally trust my husband though, he is really good at negotiating. Can you see him sitting at the table behind me there, he's waiting for the salesman to come back so we can make the deal.
 We laughed and said that we would do the "good cop/bad cop" routine! Well, Eric didn't have to resort to being a bad cop, but he stood strong with the trade in value of our old car. We ended up finagling a good deal and the car was on it's way! We should get it in two days!
 Sooo, two days later, we get the call that the car is in! we went down to pick it up at 7:00 PM! Oh, my goodness, I'm in love! Isn't she a beauty!
 I can't believe this is my car! A brand new car!
 Eric sat down to sign all the paperwork and I got a little lesson on how everything works! You can see him there through the window sitting at the table.
It's so sporty and spunky!
 I really love the body style, the color and the cool chrome wheels.
 The interior is so pretty too!
 Mmmm! It has that new car smell!
Everything is so pretty inside.
 It even has a little computer on board! I have a lot to learn !!!
 Eric kept coming over to look at it. We both love it!
 I am so thankful to my husband for buying me this nice car!
 It was really fun to drive home and once I got there, Eric jumped in to give it a try.
 Then the boys both jumped in and looked at everything. It was really fun!
 Hayden's friend, Devan, came over and he was looking at it with all of us. He went to the back to see if we can see him on the computer screen with the little "back-up" camera. I took this funny picture of him on the screen!
 The next day Hayden and I went out for breakfast and drove the new car!
 It was so exciting!
It has been really fun to have a new car. I am so thankful to my husband for buying it for me! Hopefully this car will last a long, long time for us.

"Do not let kindness and truth leave you." Proverbs 3:3

Hugs, Sharon


gin said...

Congrats!! Nice! Yea, Go FORD!! That's all we have ever bought forever -- for ourselves and our kids.

Mardell said...

Oh my! That is a gorgeous new car, Sharon! And you look so GOOD in it, too. Wow, really nice. I have never in my life ever had a brand new car. Yes, you are certainly blessed. I've heard that they get really good gas mileage too. So important now days.

Enjoy your new wheels! :o)

Erin said...

Very cute! I love the Edge.

Crows, Suds and Cinnamon said...

How exciting! So happy for you. The edge is on my list for my next car, hopefully after the new year. I am still driving my 1998 Ford Windstar. I love it and would buy another one if they still made them. We are a ford family, hubby drives a taurus, my windstar and my 3 sons have a focus, mustang and ford f150. Enjoy, she is a beauty. Now you have to give her a name! lol

Jan said...

Oh my goodness, I am soooo excited for you! The Edge is so cool and RED! is my favorite car color (not to mention blondes look great in red ;-). I pray you have many miles of safe and happy travels!


jAne said...

your new car **is** a beauty!
i do think she (cuz she's a she, right?) can do everything but wash the dinner dishes! it was wonderful to be a passenger recently. :)

have you named your new car?
that's a must!

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