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Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween decorations!

Happy Halloween everyone! I just wanted to quickly show you our Halloween decorations this year!
I had fun making this black and white display on our entry way table.
This wonderful black and white diamond patterned pumpkin was the inspiration for this table. I found it at Goodwill for $2.99! Isn't it cute! Someone hand painted a plastic pumpkin and then put the cool studs at every corner! They went to a lot of work and I can't believe that they gave it to Goodwill!
At the same good will I found the cute green head little pumpkin man and also the cute web bowl. I later found the wonderful spooky black cat!
Isn't this black and white picture of a little town perfect for the display!
Here's two crows visiting next to a spider candle.
I love how it turned out!
I just threw this picture in! I was snapping pictures of the house and I liked the way you could see the candles out on the porch through the screen door. I also love the wreath on the door.
I found this owl two years ago. Isn't he wonderful. I think he is vintage from the 40s or 50s. He is really fabulous. I have him sitting on some scary books!
I added some fun Halloween touches in the kitchen.
I love to decorate seasonally on top of my little cookbook shelf.
This year I placed a neat vintage black, orange and green tray on the bookshelf and placed a bunch of cheerful decorations there.
I found these cute kitty tea towels at Ross.
This is a traditional decoration that I simply have to put out every year, it's a sweet picture of my four little boys all dressed up ready to go trick-or-treating many years ago. I have it on the right side of the kitchen sink.
On the left side of the sink I have a cute black kitty collection!
I love this light up spooky house! It's so cozy when it's all lit up!
Here's my kitchen windowsill display.
I love how it turned out this year.
This little tiny picture is a new find this year. I found it thrown in with a bunch of books at a garage sale. I paid .25 cents for it. My friend Shannon was with me and she said, "Sharon, you need to put that in your Halloween kitchen window display!" and I did!!!  I don't know who these little trick-or-treaters are, but they sure look excited about their loot!
Oh, what's a kitchen without a curled up kitty at your feet?
Here's my two antique paper mache pumpkin lanterns! I love them!
This black house is so cute when it has a candle lit inside! The light shines through all the windows. I just love it!
Some fun things on our computer desk.
Here's my cute globe lanterns.
In the powder room I placed a kitty lantern and a black tea towel on the counter.
In this corner I put a neat beaded web candle holder with a black kitty and a framed vintage picture.
For the front porch I just used my fall display and tucked in some Halloween touches.
I also hung these cute pumpkin lights.
One of my favorite things is this old iron kettle filled with water, nuts and floating candles.
Isn't it pretty!
Greetings trick or treaters!
I like how this display turned out.
It looks so cute at night!
I love it when the candles are all lit.
I would like to wish all of you a safe, fun and happy Halloween!

"The Lord is good to those whose hope is in Him, to the one who seeks Him." Habakkuk 3:19

Hugs, Sharon


Shelley said...

Great have a talent...blesssings

Erin said...

Great decorations! I love the drawing of the town in your black and white display. I also really like the picture of your open front door where you can see the candles outside. So homey!

Jan said...

Your decorations are fabulous. Happy Halloween! We have never gone all out for Halloween but last year my brother and I went to our Mom's house and took his daughter trick-or-treating...except at each house, we GAVE candy to the person answering the door. Since many elderly people on that street remember us growing up, they were surprised but not shocked.

Family...what a blessing!

Amy said...

I just love your decorations. You are so creative and have such great taste!

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