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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Fall front porch decorating...

Well, the seasons have changed, so it's time for me to change out the decorations on our front porch. The first thing I did was take out all the summer decorations and remove the gangly dyeing summer plants. Then I swept the whole front porch.
After that I brought out all of my fall decorations from the garden shed.
I love to work on the front porch on a pretty October afternoon! I am so lucky to have such a nice helper today!
It takes a little bit of time, but gradually, I get it set up the way I like it. I love my wooden wheelbarrow and I have used it in my fall display for years in the same spot. I thought I would see if I liked it on the actual front porch (see first photo), but I didn't think it looked so great there, so I put it back in it's usual spot.
It's extra fun when my handsome husband is nearby doing his chores! :0)
Yea! I'm all done and I like how it turned out!
It's beginning to look a lot like Autumn!
There's something that is so cozy about the orange, red and yellow colors!
This little pumpkin-head man was an inside decoration, but he just got demoted to porch duty this year. Do you guys do that? Whenever I get tired of an inside decoration, I like to see if it will work outside before I get rid of it. More often than not, I like it outside!
I threw a fall colored wool blanket on the wicker chair for an instant fall feel! The wreath hanging on my old window is a new garage sale find from this summer. It was only $5.00!
I put some wooden crows in the flower box in front of a cool old ornate wrought iron grate and put some candles out in an old muffin tin.
I laugh and say that my porch looks like the front of a little store!
I simply stacked up three old wooden crates and created shelves for decorations.
I bought the "Welcome Friends" pumpkin on clearance at Walmart a few years ago.
The little cast iron owl on the top is one of my all time favorite fall decorations. I just love him! He looks really cute lit up with a votive at night.
I also love this wooden autumn sign.
My new owl looks perfect here!
I've had this fabric chicken for a long time. He's a great addition to the display.
This pumpkin-head scarecrow barely survived the winter in the shed. A little mouse found him and ate all his stuffing! But, you really can't notice, so I let him come out and be a part of the fun this year!
Here's my neat wooden wheelbarrow. I just love it. I would love to fill it with pumpkins, but we didn't grow any this year, maybe next year! This post was originally going to just be about decorating my front porch for fall, but let's go ahead and go inside and peek at the decorations in the house!
 I basically have done the same decorations that I've done for years inside the house, but I will show you a few new things that I did in there this year.
 I found this really cool dried rose hip garland at Goodwill this year for only $3.99 and put it on the fireplace mantle.
 I decided to make a little fall vignette in front of the fireplace hearth. Last year I found the neat pumpkin book full of gorgeous pictures of pumpkins and this year I found a very similar one, but it's German I think. It has really pretty pictures of pumpkins and gourds inside; I love it!
 I have been wanting the old man and old woman figurines for a long time now and I finally found this set at a garage sale for .50 cents each! There's something so warm and comfortable about them. I think this set is really cute with the chickens at their feet! I thought they fit perfectly in my little fall display!
 Everyone's doing cloche displays, so I finally broke down and gave it a whirl. I did a little fall scene and set it on a pile of books next to the fireplace.
 I placed a couple of owls, a little speckled bird, an egg and a compass inside.
 I made this little display on our coffee table.
 The owl candlestick is new this year and, of course, I found it at a thrift store! I got it for $2.99 and I think it is really old and could be valuable! It's a heavy ironstone type of ceramic and it has a marking on the bottom. I love it!
 I found this pretty fall centerpiece at Goodwill for $3.99. I thought that was a great deal for how big it is. It's full of fall foliage and rose hips. I found three marigold yellow, delicious smelling pillar candles at Ross for $9.99.
 A quick and easy way to decorate the kitchen is to hang a couple of dollar store fall tea towels on the oven door.
 On my kitchen bookshelf I made a little display with a vintage pumpkin creamer, a neat ceramic pumpkin and a sweet little ceramic girl who looks like she's made out of a cornstalk. I thought she was sweet. I think she is from the 70s. I found her at a thrift store and only paid .25 cents for her!
 My windowsill is basically the same as last year. One of my favorite things is the old illustration from a child's book that I framed a long time ago. It depicts a busy little family bringing in their fall apple harvest.
 The little old man carrying the apples is a new find this year. I think he fits perfectly in this fall vignette.
 Next to the kitchen sink I have a little display of my black cast iron looking fall things. I have an owl trivet, a squirrel dish and a squirrel match holder. On the windowsill above I have a FireKing pheasant cup in which I placed a tea light. Don't you love the glow it gives!
 This cute little fall barn is a treasure that I found with my husband on my birthday get away!
 To decorate the shelf above the couch in the family room I simply placed a fall rag swag that I made many years ago and I hung a fall oil painting below that.
 This picture really is not my style at all, it is very modern and was probably painted in the 70s, but you know what??? I absolutely love it! I just think it is so cool. I love the fall trees and the busy people dressed up and walking around town in the big city. I found it at a thrift store and could not resist it for $1.99. Sometimes you gotta just go with your heart even if it is not your usual style!
Well, that's it for my fall decorations! I love this time of year when it gets dark out side really early, it starts raining, but yet we also get those foggy mornings with the crisp hot afternoons full of sunshine! I love to light the candles, make a warm and cozy dinner and be inside with my family! Fall is my favorite season! 

"You crown the year with Your goodness, and Your paths with abundance." Psalm 65:11

Hugs, Sharon


jAne said...

oh wow, a new shop! really, you're right - it looks like the entrance to a sweet store. i imagine appalachian music playing and scented candles here and there. loved seeing how your autumn porch came together, sharon. i'm sure your helper gave good suggestions. your 'new' owl is awesome! then inside your home - beautiful! your family is blessed by your interior (and exterior) design. :o)

Adrienne said...

Hi, my friend -
I love your fall decorations. Your porch is so inviting and your home is so warm and cozy. What a fun place to spend Fall days! Love your little, old couple. I recently passed up a pair in a cute, little thrift store near my dentist's office. I'm headed that way tomorrow. Think I'll stop and see if they are still there! You've inspired me! It was such fun meeting you last week and spending a bit of time together. We must do it again sometime. Maybe down your way next time!

Judy said...

I always love your decorations Sharon.

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